Wrap Around Carton Packer
January 11, 2021
HS1500 Horizontal Wrapping Machine
January 12, 2021


The machine is used to pack the products into cartons, the system use the hot melt glue to stick the cartons .it contains traditional case erecting, automatic packing, sealing.The main components we imported famous brands. So the whole line is simple, stable,efficient,powerful.



※ Parameter:

Carton Sizes


Packing capacity: 10~15 carton/min
Max cardboard horizontal size: L1200*W600
Wrap size: L200*W150*H100——(MIN)


Main electric supply: 3phases.380V/50Hz
Operation button and electric supply: DC24V
Air consume: 0.4~0.6Mpa, 100L/min
Hot melt Spray air consumer: 0.4Mpa
General power: 8.5KW
Equipment weight: 2500kg
Machine Dimension: L4800*W2250*H1900
Hot melting temperature: 170°±10°


Feature and Structure


1.- Products Feeding and Arrangement:


The products are usually fed by a single line conveyoràDistribute the products into different linesàArrange the products into the packing pattern;

2.- Wrap around case packer:


Cardboard sheets are supplied in a pileàFold one cardboard sheet into U shapeàPush the products into the folded cardboardàThe cardboard wraps around the productsàSpray hot melted glue on the carton flapsàCarton flaps are pressed for glue solidificationàSend the packed carton out.

3.- Control system:


All the movements are detected by sensors. When there is a fault, the case packer will stop and alarm with light flashes, and the error code is displayed in the touch panel.

4.- Machine materials:


The parts contacted with products are stainless steel, the frames are painted by stoving varnish with code RAL9003. (the frames are optional of stainless steel.)

The safety window is made of organic glass, the window has safety switch. 5.- Safety protection:

All movements are with overload protection, in case the products are in shortage, the cartons are in shortage, the cartons congestion or dislocation, the system will automatically shut down and alarm with light flashes.

5Carton size adjustment unit:

The carton cardboards feeding unit is adjusted manually according to carton size.



Main Components:


  • Touch Panel: Siemens/Schneider


  • PLC: Siemens/Schneider


  • Motor: SEW


  • Frequency Inverter: Mitsubishi


  • Photoelectric Switch: Sick/Omron/Baumer


  • Sensors: Sick/Omron/Baumer


  • Pneumatic: SMC/FESTO


  • Relay: IDEC, Schneider


  • Solenoid: SMC/FESTO


  • Bearing: NRB/NSK


  • Hot Glue System: NORDSON