Semi-Automatic Vertical Filling Machine for Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Food
January 14, 2021
SHL-1520 Round Bottle Labeling Machine
January 14, 2021

ZK100 Filling Machine



Suitable for filling face cream, skin cream, lotion, seasoning pastes, etc, filling into the vessels, Cans, bottles.15-500ml per pcs vessel., economical and fast filling.



Air cylinder driven,filling works only with bottles available , detected by photoeyes.

This product combines three parts of filling, conveying and control.Servo control,Touch screen operation,High productivity and automatic display of output, Bottle is not in place without filling. If the filling head touches the bottle mouth, it will not be filled too.Its structure is reasonable and its action is reliable,Simple operation, convenient maintenance, beautiful appearance and accurate
measurement, Ideal for filling equipment in the packaging industry.

This machine is equipped with a belt conveyor for the bottle in the filling station.

This product has certain corrosion and swelling resistance,Filling materials that are highly corrosive and swellable, requiring hygienic non-toxic or super-normal temperature. In order to meet the requirements of users with high-performance materials during manufacturing, User must explain every terms very clear before order the machine.

  • Feature Suitable for filling face cream, skin cream, lotion etc.
  • No filling with absence of vessel , detected and controlled by sensor.

 Technical parameter


  • Simply clean works and change parts, easy to maintenance .


Rated Volume 15ml – 500ml
Bottle diameter vessel diameter ≤90 mm
Bottle /vessel Height 50~200 mm
Power Supply 220v AC 50/60Hz
Power 400W
Air Pressure 5 bar
Air Consumption 0.5m³/min
Machine Dimensions 1000mm(L) x 550mm(W) x 550 mm(H)
Weight 50 KG


Note: The above table parameters are based on pure water at normal temperature, and other materials are filled according to the measured data.