YS-03A Full Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine
February 3, 2021
YS03ARP Rotate Pallet Strapping Machine Cross Strapping
February 3, 2021





18mm PET STRIP  2 + 2  STRIP

We can’t make more big strip width than 19mm like 20cm.

strapping 2 strap by width and 2 strap by length.

Pallet size: 1100mm width x 1100mm length x 1200mm height

– Weight: 500Kg

– Capacity: 200 Pallets/ day (8 hours)

ARCH RANGE: 1.W 1650 *H 1200MM

Table Height: 500-550mm available

Machine color could be specialized

Roller conveyor 🙁 Unit mm)

Roller Turntable


  • It is used for turning pallet;


  • Modularized design and easy assembling;


Standard Style:( Unit mm)


Conveyor Roller Turntable
Diameter of roller (D) Ф 89mm
Loading weight of conveyor(Max) Max 1000kg
Max length of conveyor(L) 1850mm
Interior width of conveyor (B/B=W+20) 820,1020,1120,1220mm
Min height of conveyor(H) 500mm
Turning speed 3.4rpm/min
Conveyor speed (Max) Max 20meters/min
Power of motor(KW) 0.37-0.75

² 2.0  Main Reference

Description Refer
Artical Model YS-03A Electric heater Joint pet strip
Arch Size2 W1750*H1200mm,
Machine dimention W5000*D1200*H2000mm
Stripping way Sensor Detect or Turn on/off
Stripping Capability (Max) 2 Strip per minute
Strips Per Carton packing-line, 0,1,2 strips optional

19mm width in pet

Heater Joint length 25mm
core machine Original DSI (Aluminium Set ) (KOREA)
Photo electric OMRON (JAPAN)
Motor M1 M2 M3 CPG (Taiwan)
Approach switch Auto NICS (KOREA)
Operation Switch Schneider (France )
AC Connect LG (KOREA)
Operation on panel Tank (Taiwan)
Powered Conveyor Roller
Roller Diameter (run stablly) Dia 76 mm,
Roller Length 1600mm
Distance of 2 rollers (stable to run ) 145mm
Material of Roller (carbon steel to use for long) carbon steel
Conveying Speed 0-18meters/min
Air Cylinder Lifting capability 0-500mm height
 Turning platform with rotation for

“ #” strapping

Turning 90-270 degree on 2000mm dia plateform
Conveyor Height 500-550 mm
Same description as written on the drawing paper


² Equipment Material

1.Machine Shell Iron Board  2 Control Bracket :Alumanium  3 Mechinical Cut:   Cast Iron   4 Cut Alloy: Steel  5 Strapway Folder : Stainless Steel  6 Strapway  Stainless Steel   7 Strapway : Alumanium 8 Tension Adjust Cam : Cast Iron 9. Infeeding Cam , Alloy Steel

Widely used in world wide.


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