YS740B Strapping Machine
February 4, 2021

YS-SP Pallet Strapping Machine



                      [PALLET SIZE:W800*L1200*H2300mm, 5 strips, PET strip:13mm]




Feature: (Horhorizontal automatic strapping machine for pallets)


It allows to strip large pallet loads by means of straps made in polypropylene or polyester. Possibility to insert a pressing device for compacting palletised loads. Useful system, simple and easy to program. available for the automatic and semiautomatic operation.

  • Designed and manufactured using highest quality components.
  • Different strapping heights easy to set by pressing a button while the machine is in the desired position. Ten different programs available with ten different strapping heights for each.
  • Remote control available.
  • Warning light system.
  • Compression system in the arch compacts load and guides the strap to the correct position.
  • Mechanical tension adjustable through a holding strap system to get the highest tension.
  • Yuanxupack model YK-SP head set in aluminium ensures long life of the machine.
  • Approximate production 20-40 pallets per hour.
  • Security system under the arch. If the machine contacts anything while moving down to the ready position, it immediately stops and returns to home

.The machine keep good performance even running in an execrable enviroment, beautiful and compact design deserved many reputation.

.The very function by adjusting hot iron delay time to enfastness the joint.


Model YK-SP
strap Pallet loads applicable, Appliance Applicable
dimension  L2780mm x W2110mm x H2500mm unusual request could be solved
weight 480kg
PP   strip Width: 12,13 ,15mm
Power 2 KVA
Volt. SIN. PH—220V(50Hz/60Hz)THREE PH.—220V/380V/400V/440V(50Hz/60Hz)
Package size Min.350W X 500H mm, Max.1200W X 2000H mm unusual request could be solved
Pack table unusual request could be solved
Arch Size L(1250mm)*W(1250mm)x H(2000mm) unusual request could be solved
Applicable arch length+weighth>2000mm, length+weighth<2000mm
application Large package,such as pallet loads and appliance



² Equipment Material

1.Machine Shell Iron Board  2 Control Bracket :Alumanium  3 Mechinical Cut: Cast Iron   4 Cut Alloy: Steel  5 Strapway Folder : Stainless Steel  6 Strapway  Stainless Steel

7 Strapway :Alumanium  8 Tension Adjust Cam : Cast Iron 9. Infeeding Cam , Alloy Steel

² Main Reference and Parts

Description Refer
Artical Model YK-SP
Arch Size L1200 *W800mm
Machine Size L2780mm x W2110mm x H2700mm
Stripping way Sensor Detect or Turn on/off
Stripping Capability 9 sec / pallet
Strips Per Carton 0,1-5 Strips could be optional
Heater Joint length 25mm
Core machine Original DSI (Aluminium Set ) (KOREA)
Photo electric OMRON (JAPAN)
Motor M1 M2 M3 CPG (Taiwan)
Approach switch Auto nics (KOREA)
Operation Switch Schneider (France )
AC Connect LG (KOREA)
Operation on panel Tank (Taiwan)