YF – 650 Side Carton Labeling Machine
January 14, 2021
January 15, 2021

YS-RB05 OPP Labeling Machine


         Hot melt glue labeling machine (RB5)

 OPP labeling machine



  1. Information of bottles &labels


350ml , 500ml , 1500ml , speed 6000bph



  1. Drawing of the linear hot melt glue labeling machine


  1. Data sheet of YS-RB05 OPP labeling machine






型号Machine model YS-RB05
产能Capacity Max18000BPH
尺寸Size L*W*H 3730*1314*2050mm
重量weight 3000Kg around
电源Power supply 220/380V 50Hz、60hz
功率Total power 8KW



材质Materials OPP, BOPP, PVC, PE, ETC, PAPER, PP
厚度Thickness 0.03~0.13mm
尺寸Label size Max L400mm , Max W 200mm




高度Height Max380mm
直径Diameter Ø40- Ø102mm
材质Material Glass、Metal 、Plastic and others
瓶型Bottles Shapes 圆瓶Round bottles


操作方式Operation manner 全自动Full automatic
气源供应Gas supply 0.6MPa
噪音Noise Max 80db




No. Name   No. Name
1 Conveyor chain 9 Rubberizing system
2 Conveyor screw 10 Hot glue melt machine
3 Bottle feeding thumbwheel 11 Bottle rubbed component
4 Main drive system 12 Bottle belt-hold component
5 Label hold & feeding 13 Vacuum pump
6 Traction system 14 Pneumatic system
7 Wheel-hub for label-holding 15 Electrical system
8 Wheel-hub for label-sticking 16 Main body frame-SUS304



  1. Technical Assistance


The seller shall provide technical assistance for supervising the installation and commissioning of the equipment under the following conditions:

The buyer shall provide:

Sufficient products, materials ;use of perfectly produced and formed material such as bottles, labels and glue, etc. All above material has to be

Suitable for automatically operated machines

Continuous supply and feeding of as bottles, labels glue and etc

Sufficient energy such as electricity, light, compressed air etc

Continuous feed of different media such as compressed air, stable electricity, etc

Constant current condition with voltage variations of max +/-10%

Installation team of skilled people; adequate maintenance personnel for impeccable maintenance of the plant according to seller’s instruction

The cost for supervision of the installation/commissioning/training is 20dollars for one person for each day, and buyer will supply return tickets and hotel and foods during machine installation and running test.


  1. Acceptance test


    After the completion of the installation and commissioning of the contract equipment, an acceptance test of the equipment shall be carried out, the time of this acceptance test should last one shift of 3 hours.

During acceptance test, the seller will demonstrate that capacity of the equipment is up to the standards stipulated in the contract.

The buyer accepts the contract equipment if the acceptance test has shown that the effective output of the contract equipment has efficiency not less than 100% of the nominal output stated in the contract

During these acceptance tests, the buyer is responsible for continuous feeding of contract equipment with all necessary media and material in fully conformity with the stipulations in the contract

After the acceptance test, both parties in two copies shall sign the certificate of acceptance, one for each party.


  1. Documents and drawing , manufacturing


Documents and Drawings List

One month after signing the contract, the seller should provide the following documents; a full range of equipment layout which shows electric, air Connection after the installation test, the seller should provide the following documents:

Operation description

Maintenance description

Main change parts drawing

Main element description from the supplier

Circuit drawing

Main wear and tear drawings

Description of PLC control program




  1. Machine description



This labeling machine is a fully-automatic line-type machine for hot melt labeling, which is suitable for different container sizes and round bottle shapes. The system features high labeling accuracy with low glue consumption.

Changeovers to different containers or labels are affected quickly and easy.

All modified adjustments are easily reproducible. The labeling machine is easily to operate, to clean and to maintain and is very economic thanks to its high reliability.


2.1) roll-fed type

2.2) label in-fed from label station is conveyed to label in-feed roll-er through label guide roller

2.3) sensors will check I-MARK of label automatically when label reaches label in-feed roller.

2.4) as soon as the position of I-MARK is confirmed, Encoder will adjust the operation speed of label in-feed roller and then appoint the label cutting position

2.5) label which has been cut is conveyed to vacuum drum

2.6) after checking label attached on vacuum drum by sensor, label is conveyed to glue roller and then smear hot melt on label


3.1) Model:

3.2) Machine Design

3.2.1)conveyor:in-feed and discharge container

3.2.2) in-feed star wheel

Supply container and discharge containers smoothly on certain intervals use torque limit to make machine stop when excessive force or stoppage happen on bottle in-feeding zone minimize the deviation of label adhesive, this parts requires high precision change container rotation inertia into stop inertia, to ensure that even high speed bottle upside down will not appear on conveyor



3.2.3) label station

Roll form can ensure that label intension whether machine speed is high or not, it has the function of brake to adjust the cutting parts slightly




3.2.4) vacuum drum

Each label which has been cut will be conveyed to vacuum drum from label cutting zone, hot melt will be smeared on end of label by glue roller; label which has been smeared meets container on star wheel and then does labeling vacuum drum and glue wire must be thought more and then make them, because they have close relationship with glue position, glue consumption vacuum drum surface area of heat absorption, compressive strength all adopts a special coating material is made of long life use special material to make vacuum drum heat –resistant parts, wear parts, it does not need to fuel injection, but also to maintain a long service life use one form, the replacement with short time when compatible with the production, even if not skilled operator to operate the machine, there are no problem









3.2.5)driving parts:

In order to ensure the accuracy and durability of the machine, good quality material be adopted;

Eliminate the stress of products at machining center and then process on boring, there are no noise for gear even if machine run at high speed, deformation will not happen even if run for long time;

Gear has been handled by thermal processing, run smoothly whether accelerate or decelerate, it does not need to adjust time even if run for long time;

Safety cover is made of 304 stainless steel, has corrosion resistance

3.2.6) hot melt applicator

heating glue into liquid when temperature is 160-170℃ and then supply it to glue drum with recycling, insulation function adopt gear pump without pulse, glue consumption can be adjusted, adjust temperature slightly to keep labeling procedure at the most perfect state



3.2.7) Glue roller



3.2.8) timing belt

3.2.9) cutting parts

Using photo sensor to keep label length as demanded, label which has been cut will be fed to vacuum drum to prevent static electricity generated for label to ensure the smooth supply of labels, should mange label well.

The phenomenon of static electricity will be eased partially by adjustment of the amount of vacuum and air consumption;

Cutting label smoothly whether rotary cutting parts runs at high speed or not, roller surface of the parts are made of special material by spraying, to minimize the label static the cutting knife made of special heat treatment to protect the long

service life, simple and quick replacement to maintain a certain degree of vacuum pump, adjustment valves operation is easy


3.2.10) label guide

Consist of Label identification and  label feeding parts, photo sensor identify the i-mark on the label, to convey ,the label to label cutting zone by servo motor’s acceleration and deceleration action To ensure servo motor control and photo sensor’s brake function, it need to fully consider the safety ,accuracy, credibility (PMC:SMPACK, I-MARK sensor: SICK-German) this company has reliable high tech personnel for controller adopt true color sensors ,sensitivity is strong, error-free


3.2.11) frame



3.2.12) compressed air and lubricate

Adopt TPC (Korea) for air units to ensure long life, central lubrication for pipe, maintain easy

3.2.13) electric Adopt high quality components to ensure machine control and running


  1. Spare parts and main parts maker


Spare Parts List:

Timing belt: 1ea;   Sponge: 1ea

Sol valve: 1ea;     Tools: 1set

Main Parts Maker

I-mark sensor: SICK (German)

Hot melt applicator: PHALBOK (Korea)

Main components such as inverter est.: Schneider (France)

Servo motor: Schneider (France)

Encoder: Koyo (Japan)

Touch screen: Schneider (France)

Control unit: Schneider (France)


  1. Quality guarantee after sale


   We do really appreciate your company’s selection of our equipments. Sincerely, thank you very much for your unfailing and persistent supports to Runben Machinery.


We are proud of Runben sleeve labeling machine series high quality all the time. We guarantee that all the sleeve labeling machines enjoy long service life in the condition of normal operation. Within the quality guarantee period, our company is responsible for taking necessary remedy measures against any damages of our products so as to protect your rights and interests.


We assure you of good quality of our equipments by virtue of our advanced design and excellent material, so as to fully meet your use requirements.


We provide complete machinery, electric schematic diagram, electric wiring diagram and spare parts list. The quality warranty length of the production line is one year. Within the period, if any problems caused not by you arise in the production line, we are responsible for conversion free of charge. After defects liability period expires, we are responsible for life maintenance and if you need to replace parts, we will only collect the costs of the parts.


We promise to offer you satisfactory services within the shortest time, in details:

  1. Senior after-service engineers of our company will offer you regular technical services;
  2. Specialized department and management personnel responsible for after services, large amounts of parts and fittings are available.
  3. Complete after-service system and outstanding quality assure you

of satisfaction and easement.

Faith based on the market, quality cast success!