February 3, 2021
YS-03A Full Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine
February 3, 2021



YS-440  Coil Strapping machine for all kinds of coil



This system it is for coil products and tyre product.

Its strapping quality is definitely an ongoing process, to get the highest levels of competitiveness. For this the company strapping system got the standard quality certificate 9001:2008. One more evidences of the continuous search to achieve the best. The strapping system is: incredible strength, long life and continuous work.

Technical data of tyre


  1. Tyre OD: 900-1300mm Tyre ID 900-1050mm width 100-350mm


  1. Tyre OD:400-600mm Tyre ID 300-450 mm   width100 -350mm


Tyre  weight: 50kg-200kg

Straps: 2-4 straps / tyre

Option 1. Two strap per coil: 180 degree apart

Option 2. Four strap per coil: 90 degree apart



Main Technical Index:


Machine size: 1630mm*700mm*1560mm(L*W*H)

Arch size: 850mm*1000mm(length*width) made as your needs.

Table height: 1150-1200 mm

Power supply:220V/50HZ

Packing speed: 2.5s/strip

Machine weight:330kg



  • turntable is settled down of strap arch.
  • Untra additional arch,easy to adjust the height and width
  • Main part is made of aluminum alloy, control system is compatible,tally with CE low voltage 24v safety running standard
  • Arch parts ‘re made of stainless steel, endurable in use.
  • Tension and temperature adjustable.
  • Motor+ reducer+cam+mechanical arm, convenient to maintain
  • all parts are processed under computer control precisely
  • Turn to standby automatically in 2-5 seconds after ending run.
  • Time of unmanned real station strapping machine has become true

10 Strenththen the top roller driven for stable effect in packing line, the high quality and long lasting durability.

  • Matched with checking system of conveying strips
  • There are three types: powered roller table, PPtape, conveyer. It is suitable for depositing conveyer.



Description Original
core machine Original DSI (KOREA)
Photo electric OMRON (JAPAN)
Motor M1 M2 M3 Lift Master (KOREA JOINT VENTURE)
Approach switch Auto nice (KOREA)
AC Connect LG (KOREA)
Operation on panel Tank (Taiwan)



  • arch’s size available upon request
  • Core I.D 400(16″)Dispenser
  • auto feed-in(self driving device)
  • short feeding sensing(re-feeding twice)
  • strap empty alarm
  • digital counter
  • proximity cam switch
  • Press unit
  • looping ejector system
  • single phase