February 3, 2021
February 3, 2021

YS-03A Full Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine


YS-03A Full Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine

The machine is used to pack the pallets with pp or pet strips. It is a full autoamatic machine , the machine must equip with two sides conveyor each side.
So , if our working shop need the machine to connect with conveyor , we can use this machine .

If single machine use , better use our 740B model

1.It allows to strip pallet by means of straps made in polypropylene or polyester. Possibility to insert a pressing device for compacting palletised loads. It is available for the automatic and semiautomatic operation.


Technical Parameters.

Dimension :3082mm(L)*1270mm(W)*2800mm(H)

Pallet Size: L1250×W1250* H120(mm)

Pallet Loads Size: L1250×W1300×H2800(mm)

Pallet weight, Max. 800Kg


Strap Speed :15 Seconds /Pallet

Applicable Conveyor height:500-600mm

Arch Size:W1350mm×H2800mm


PP/PETstrip width:12mm、13.5mm 16mm, thickness0.8mm,decline <30mm

Strapping Joint:Hot meltion

Work Principle : Rotary Arm Band-Strapping, Photo Electric Sensor,  2 Strips

Control System:PLC+Control Panel


Technical data YS03A

Load width:  500 to 1300 mm

Load height:  300 to 2800 mm

Strap guide frame: Variable with flaps

The load is conveyed to the required strapping position. The automatic strapping process is started. The strap is guided round in the strap guide and stretched round the load at an optimised tension, then sealed and cut off. The procedure is repeated for each load, depending on the number of strapping cycles. The strapping head is located on top of the package.

Main advantages:

• Compact, minimal space required
• Easy access to all mechanical components,to facilitate service and maintenance
• Fast and economical to manufacture
• High strap tension, up to 7 KN
• Modular adaptation to type and size of package
• Strapping head service-friendly
• Easy to integrate into existing conveyor lines. Adjustable in height
• No need for a base. Minimal space required.
• Fully electric, 3-ph. + N or electric/hydraulic
• All the machine functions are electronically program controlled, with plain text display
• The modules are manufactured in series, each to the same specifications and with the
same precision
• The results are high reliability and minimised servicing