January 13, 2021
BH120 Cosmetic Bottle Filling Machine
January 13, 2021

YK+DM + ST1500 Bubble Film Folding & Covering Machine

  1. YK+DM + ST1500 bubble film folding & covering machine

& Horizontal Wrapping Machine






DM means to cover the object with bubble film which infront of wrapping machine,then go to wrapping machine by stretch film wrap.

designed for all kinds of pipes and other profile construction, s, it has the advantage that completely replaces manual  packaging ways, which packing speed faster than manual, which is easier to operate, greatly improving production efficiency, reduce labor intensity. Packaging effect tidy. Multilayer wrapping paper can be used, to prevent dust, moisture, protect the surface effect. Easy to transport and storage, improve product appearance  and quality

►  Technical Paramter

²   ring circle     1500mm

²   wrap width     600-1200mm                                                                                 

  • wrap diameter 1200mm
  • bubble film width 1200 mm

          ²   wrap height    800-1000mm

²   material    PE film width 500mm,core dia. 76mm ,external dia. 250mm

²   ring speed     MAX 35r/min  – control and adjustable

²   packing speed   MAX 12m/min

²     air     0.6-0.8Mpa

²     over wrap   10%-30%(可调adjustable

²    1. bubble film machine weight   600kg

  1. wrapping machine weight 100kg

²     power   4  kw

²     supply     380V .AC50/60HZ 3ph


PLC & HMI are adopted.

manual / automatic mode switchable

inverter control packaging speed. Packing maximum speed is 12m/min, packing speed can be adjusted with the conveyor line body,

to shoot the fault detection system, fault alarm, easy maintenance

enter the operation screen,and input the request of overlap range to boot the overwrap

parameter changable to meet all kinds different request while wrapping

Double-ring & double-rub wheel devices make working more safe stable & energetic.

Special conveying device is easy for loading & conveying the package strengthens the transfer capacity.

Wide packing belt can be used for cutting the packing cost & making the work more efficiency.

Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown.

Photocell sensor is adopted for setting packing position.

The turning ring is controlled by inverter. Overlap rate could be adjusted according to the requirement.

Height of the ring centre could be adjusted.

Separate control panel makes operation & maintenance easily.

Material tension could be adjusted automatically.

film wrapping tightness adjustable. stretch ratio of 150% by using the LLDPE film, thickness 0.012-0.03 mm.

film Width 500mm, paper core hole 76mm, outer diameter of 250mm standard film. Film cutter and attach full automatic

safe, convenient, small occupation


►   Main Parts

          ²      HMI                  SIMENS       Germany

          ²      inverter                OMRON       japan

²       inverter                OMRON       japan

²      promixity switch            OMRON       japan

²       ergency stop           OMRON      japan

²       time relay             OMRON       japan

²     ring motor with brake                   CPG        Taiwan

²      up down motor                     CPG        TAIWAN

²     air cylinder             FESTO        Germany




►  Technical Parameter

²  conveyor  length  2m

²  conveyor width  1000mm

²   conveyor height    750±50mm                                                                           

²   conveyor speed    20m/min

²   roller diameter    76mm dia

²   wrapping weight capacity   500kg

²   machine weight     1000 kg

²   power     3kw

²   power supply     380V .AC50/60HZ




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