ZX03E+SM6040 Tray Packer And Shrink Wrapping Machine
January 28, 2021
300A Home Appliance Strapping Machine
January 28, 2021



Small carton and boxes shrink wrapping machine


Different sizes boxes pls adjust through machine accord instruction.


Automatic Side Sealing Box Bagging and Shrinking Machine



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This machine is suitable for packing long items (such as wood, aluminum, etc.). It adopts the most advanced Imported PLC programmable controller, with safety protection and alarm device, to ensure the machine high-speed stability. A variety of Settings can be easily completed on the touch screen operation. Use side sealing design, there is no limit of product packaging length. The sealing line height can be adjusted according to the packing product height. It is equipped with imported detection photoelectric, horizontal and vertical detection in one group, with easy to switch selection.


Automatic Grade: Automatic

Driven Type: Electric

Suitable shrink film: POF

Application: suitable for big size packing, no limit for length, width can be 500mm.



  • Equipped with PLC control system and safety protecting and alarm devices;
  • Constant sealing with no need of changing .Easy to operate and maintain;
  • The length of shrink film is automatically adjusted by the electric yes and control timer;
  • The added horizontal and vertical electric eyes provide options for switchover. It’s suitable for sealing thin and small products;
  • Automatically perform the scraps discharge process. Leave no mess and keep your working space tidy and clean;
  • Imported parts are adopted to ensure the machine’s stable running with high speed.
  • The cutter adopts vertical system drive to ensure sealing lines straight and tight.
  • With the design of side sealing, the packing length of products is unlimited.
  • The sealing height can be adjusted based on the product height.
  • Widely used in all kinds of products with different sizes and shapes.
  • The machine is applicable to industries like food, gift, hardware, daily necessities, pharmacy, printing, etc.

Technical Parameters:

Model  YF-L5575C
Power supply 380V 50/ 60Hz , 3 Phase
Power 4KW
Cutter size/tunnel size L750mm
Max. packing size L∞×W+H ≤650mm
Packing speed 10~30pcs/min
Air pressure 5.5kg/cm³
Machine weight 550kg
Machine dimension L1830×W850×H1550mm


Parts for YF-L5575C

  1. Temperature Control: Japan Omron
  2. Sensor: Germany Leuze/ America Banner
  3. Relay: Japan Omron
  4. Slide track: Japan THK
  5. Frequency Changer: Japan Mitsubishi
  6. Motor: Taiwan Sesame
  7. PLC: Japan Omron
  8. Contactor: France Schneider
  9. Cylinder: Taiwan Shako/ Germany Festo
      Shrinking Tunnel Machine YF-6030LW


 YF-6030LW Hi-speed hot air circulating shrink tunnel adopts roller type conveyor, the rollers are covered by silicone gel pipe they roll automatically, and also the conveyor can use Teflon mesh belt or S.S. mesh belt instead of rollers. When shrink PE film, need not the rollers roll, easy to convert it by the handle at the end of the tunnel.

The temperature inside the tunnel is even, suitable for shrink PE.PVO.POF films;

The inner container forms hot air circulation inside tunnel, the volume of hot air can be controlled by the air doors according to the packing requirements for different products.

Technical Parameters

Model  YF-6030LW
Packing speed 20~60pcs/min
Product W+H/tunnel size L1500×W600×H300mm
Power 16KW
Power supply 3∮,220/380V, 50/ 60Hz
Machine size L2000×W1200×H1250mm
Max current 32A
Net weight 660kg



Parts for YF-6030LW

1.Temperature Control: Japan Omron

2.Motor: Taiwan motor

3.Frequency Changer: Japan Panasonic

4.Contractor: France Schneider

5.Relay: Japan IDEC