Auto flaps folding, Top and Bottom, Corner and Side Type Packing Line FX5050A+5050H
January 6, 2021
January 6, 2021

YF250 Tape Sealing Machine

The machine is used to tape the box for those nuts , biscuits, boxes, and other promotion products .

Tape sealing machine for promotion products

It is suitable for cans,bottles, cartons and plastic boxes

(square, heart-shaped or round),different products , the mold is different, so ,
if you want to use the machine , we have to get the samples.

Packing speed 45 pcs per min.
Power supply: 220v 50/60hz. 1.20 kw
Machine size 1100*700*1480mm

Weight 200kg

Motor , made in China
PLC  Fatek, made in Taiwan China
Touchable screen : Buke