YF1650F-CS3 Pallet Wrapper/Stretch Wrapping Machine
January 22, 2021
January 22, 2021

YF1800 Pallet Top Sheet Film Applicator/Stretch Wrapping Machine

YF-1800  Pallet Top Sheet Film Applicator

Full Automatic Film Covering Machine



► parameters:


²  Max covered size:W1200mm×L1200mm


²  Max wrap height: 2000mm ,max film roll size 1500×100mm


²  film roll up/down loading capability :0-13min/5m/min


²  power of carriage system motor 0.75Kw


²  film loading Motor 0.18Kw


²  air consumption 6ps


²  Machine dimension: L2880×W2100mm×H3000mm


Main Function:

²  The model YF-1800  pallet covering machine uses with liner automatic pallet wrapping machine primarily in order to output the max efficiency in the pallet wrapping works.

²  The machine is optional to work with automatic and semi-automatic shrinking machine by connection operation, need one or two group of I / O .

²  Touchable electric control panel: the machine running conditions showed on LED display , and the establishment of self-testing of all switches and lights are good ones (optional)


² Fault detection and buzzer notification system: with internal control panel has a fault detection. Display fault function and buzzer to inform the design of fault (optional)


² Buzzer notification system inform to re-install the film roll: When the film runs out, the buzzer  informs and the machine automatically shut down, very fast and convenient to replace the film roll


² Detection & communication systems: when working  both these two machine will report status to each other, and simultaneously displayed on control panel, facilitate to understand of both.


²Safety First: Misoperation Design: When the operator of improper operation or incorrect action, the machine will not accept orders and to inform the error beep warning action, so as to avoid personal injury or mechanical failures

Main Parts List:

  •   ²   PLC                             Mitsubishi              (Japan)

²   TRANSDUCER                   Mitsubishi               (Japan)

²   Emergency switch                 SCHNEIDER            (France)

²   limit switch                      SCHNEIDER            (France)

²   button switch                    SCHNEIDER             (France)

²   photoelectric switch                (Omron)             (Japan)

²   proximity switch                (OMRON)              (Japan)

²   carriage up/down motor with gear box   (Unis)             (China)

²   connection end               phoenix                    (Germany)