Wrapping Pallet & Pallet Packing Machine//Stretch Wrapping Machine
January 21, 2021
YF1650F-CS Pallet Wrapper/Stretch Wrapping Machine
January 22, 2021

YF1650E Pallet Wrapper/Stretch Wrapping Machine

Both parties hereby have agreed to sign the contract covering terms and conditions as followings:

Product Model

Pallet wrapping machine YF1650E

Technical parameters:        

Wrapping size:         L 1200 mm *W 1200 mm*H2000mm

Wrapping efficiency : 20-40loads / hour

Turntable speed:      0-12rpm

Turntable diameter: 1650mm

Turntable Height:     80mm

Turntable weight capacity:  1500kg

Power supply:           1.35KW,220V, 50-60HZ

Material:                  LLDPE

Film Thickness:         17-35 µm

Film Width:              500 mm

Core Diameter:        76.2 mm

(Max.) Film Roll Diameter: 220 mm

Weight of film roll:  15 kg

Film stretch rate:     100-150%

Machine Dimension: L2750×W1650×H2250mm

Machine weight:      550kg

Control by LCD touch screen


 Guarantee time : 1 year.



MODEL YF1650E                  





PALLET SIZE L1200mm*W1200mm*H2000mm
LOAD Ability 100-1500KG
Stretch System 100-150%
Turntable Speed 0-12rpm
Packing Efficiency 15-30 PalletS/hr
Power Supply 1.35KW,220V, 50/60HZ, 1 ph
Machine Dimension 2750*1650*2250mm
Machine Weight 500kg
Extra option ramp, top plate, film cut, height, scale
Film in use with this machine
Packing Material LLD PE, STRETCH FILM
Film width 500mm
Thickness 0.035mm~0.050mm, 17-35 µm
 Max. weight of film roll 15 kg
Wrapping Material Core dia.76mm
Max roller diameter 220mm max.


  1. Features
    Control System

–  Screen & PLC Programmable Logic Controller
– Separate Carriage Up-Down Speed Control
– Auto-Height Load Height Sensing
– Electronic Film Tension Control
– Conveyor Jog (for each conveyor)
– Additional Controls may be required


Table Drive &Support
– 0-12 RPM Variable Table Speed

– Adjustable Soft-Start Soft Stop
– Table Fully fenced for Greater Personnel Safety



Option Top Press Plate (option extra cost 450 USD)

Plate diameter 500-600mm

Control by key the manu

Motor (0.35kw) or air cylinder Pressure device according

to your request choose-able


Better bring the easy wareparts of turntable

Roller 20 usd per pcs 

Better prepare the roller and wheels for our machine, they are easy broken parts which is not in warrantee



Press operation, we can run the machine now.

When right one you see the switch is to manual, that means we can go to manual page ,and operate the machine;

if this switch turn to automatic, when we press start , the machine would wrap the pallet automatically.

Above speed resetting is used to adjust the speed.


Turntable inverter it is used to adjust the turntable speed.

Up down  inverter is used to adjust the speed of film thread which goes up and down .

Film thread inverter is used to adjust the tension of film.

This page we can reset the layer on bottom part of pallet

reset the layer on top part of pallet

reset the times for up and down for cover the whole pallet,

Reset the time for detecting the highest height of pallet in 2-8 seconds. It is related to wrap the top , how many area you want to cover on the top side.



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