Vegetable Banding Machine
January 28, 2021
YF740B Pallet Strapping Machine
January 28, 2021

YF130 Mobile Pallet Strapping Machine


   YF130A   Mobile pallet  strapping machine

Model YF130A
Voltage 1 ph,110V-240V/380V,,50/60Hz
Power 250W
Max.packing article No limited
Min.packing article 600*600*600mm
Strap width 9,10,12,12.7,15mm
PP band paper core diameter 200mm
Banding rate 2.5s/strip
Dimension 1350*760*1700



   Used to strap the pallet , and manually feed the strap,  we can use PP , PET Strip 


Easy to move around in the working shop.

 Efficient and energy-saving in processing in a quality and speedy packaging fashion, the machine can automatically conduct strap collecting, thermal sealing, cutting and with full automatic stopping operation.
Machine can be specialized for PET strips.


Main Features

1.Metal panel

Stainless steel and Extra Heavy machine,stronger load-bearing capacity.

2.Adjustable widening heat-melt sealing
Nuts adjustment and widening heal-melt sealing makes contributions to different thickness band  strapping demands.

3.Reasonable circuit design
Fine transmission quality,fast speed,stable bandwidth

4.Stronger motor
Work long lasting and faster,effiency and quality guaranted.

5.Adjustable Tension
The tension is easy to adjust to meet all your demands