SL280 Horizontal Bottle Labeling Machine
January 14, 2021
YS-RB05 OPP Labeling Machine
January 14, 2021

YF – 650 Side Carton Labeling Machine


YF- 650  Carton Sides Labeling Machine

Due to our carton packing speed it is not fast, so, we suggest this model to you. We will make the conveyor width about 350mm width to suitable for our carton .




  YF – 650

 Carton Sides labeling machine. 

Labeling Main body made by SUS304 ,Controlling System ,Touch Screen

Power conveyor 5 meter


  1. This equipment is dedicated to bilateral lateral labeling.
  2. The power supply label type synchronous tension control, supply stability, fast, to ensure that it send the labeling accuracy and speed .
  3. Brush pressure standard, in order to make the tag attached more solid.
  4. Label synchronous positioning, label position error of plus or minus 1.5 mm.
  5. Touch human-machine interface, any abnormal man-machine display and troubleshooting. Operation is simple, anyone can operate easily with using this equipment.
  6. Label by length, photoelectric with microcomputer automatic stripping distance calculations, do not need to adjust the photoelectric position, the length of any tag man-machine interface can be modified, easy to use.


Technical Parameter

Voltage specification: AC220V 50/60 HZ

Power consumption: 0.8 KW

Labeling speed: 20-30 cartons /min MAX

Labeling accuracy: plus or minus 1.5 mm

Applicable scope of the Carton: L:200mm-500 W:150mm -400mm H 150-350mm

Applicable scope of label: 15-90mm height, length of 23-180mm

Machine Size:2800mmX1000mmX1275mm

Biggest label supply: 300 mm diameter, paper roll diameter 76 mm(Can change as your request)

Label pitch: 3-4 mm + / – 0.2 mm

Below on the label and the bottom paper spacing below: 2 mm

Bottom paper: to choose 62 grams of white gration bottom paper, paper density and has very good internal strength and light transmittance, solid and not easily torn. Die cutting performance is wonderful.

Basic gram weight: 62 g / ㎡ plus or minus 5% ㎡ thickness: 55 mu m + / – 5%

Tensile strength: machine direction: 16 kg / 25 mm

Cross to: 7 kg / 25 mm

Tear resistance: machine direction: 25 g/sheet  Cross to: 31 grams/sheet

Through the brightness: 52%




Main Parts List

No      Name         Specification     Manufacture
1 Standard Motor 85BYGH350L LEISAI
2 Labeling Motor Drives  WZM-3H090MS LEISAI
3 Labeling Electric eye FS-18N JAPAN KEYENCE
4 Labeling Check Electric eye LRD2100 AMERICA LION BRAND


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