YS-500KT Automatic Cling Film Packing Machine For Vegetable And Meat Fruit
January 18, 2021
2000FZ-PL Pallet Wrapping Machine/Stretch Wrapping Machine
January 19, 2021

YF 2000FWY Automatic Reel Wrapper

Automatic Reel wrapper is one automatic system to wrap the reel object by turning the roller on steel blocking rollers while spinning the product on a plateformplateform. This creates a “cocoon” wrap pattern and provides complete protection and unitization of the roll.

    Model YS-2000FWY
Wrap size diameter Ф290-1500mm
Width 500-1600mm
Machine dimension (L*W*H) (2895*2000*2270)mm
Machine wooden package size (L×W×H) 3200×2000×1300mm
plateform weight capacity (max) 2000kg
Turnplateform  height 850 mm
                  Roller distance 300mm
Power/voltage 380VAC/50HZ/20A
Total weight 1080kg
Wrap efficiency 30-50 packages/Hour
plateform speed 0-12rpm Adjusplateform turnplateform speed
Film carriage Power pre-Stretch system up to 300 with adjusplateform speed
Control  system PLC controlwrap layers adjusplateform
Pneumatic  ejection Optional
Top plate system Motor-driven (Optional)
Pneumatic system 0.6-0.8MPa , 1000ml/min (optional)


PLC Control System:
· Turnplateform under chain drive
· automatically reset
· Easy to control the packaging efficiency, count more accurate
The film frame system:
· Film frame-powered pre-stretch institutions, pre-stretch up to 250%, reducing the amount of consumption of film
· Film frame for pure aluminum film frame, lightweight and splateform
· Film feeding speed is adjusplateform, single DC motor control
· The rising film frame, individually adjusplateform rate of decline
· Film system with the actuator, a pull to
· Selection of wear-resistant rubber roller, long life
Lifting column for the double-chain structure, splateform and reliable

Wrapping machine optional features:

  • Automatic ejection function: Bellows cylinders, gas consumption for 1000ml/min



�     PLC                      DELTA                        (台达)         (Taiwan)

�     TRANSDUCER  OMRON & PANASONIC (DELTAT)          (Taiwan)

�     RELAY              OMRON           (欧姆龙)          (JAPAN)

�     AC CONNECTOR          SCHNEIDER     (施耐德)        (FRANCE)

�     EMERGENCY STOP     SCHNEIDER     (施耐德)        (FRANCE)

�     PROCESS SWITCH       SCHNEIDER     (施耐德)        (FRANCE)

�     PHOTOELECTRIC SWITCH        OMRON            (欧姆龙)        (JAPAN)

�     APPROACH SWITCH     OMRON            (欧姆龙)        (JAPAN)

�     REDUCTION WITH GEAR BOX                (城钢)         (CHINA)

�     MOTOR WITH REDUCTION GEAR BOX  CPG     ( 城邦)          (TAIWAN)

�     AC MOTOR       (KING DRAGON)       (CHINA)