XL02 Singapore Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine
January 15, 2021
XL03 Luggage Wrapper
January 15, 2021


XL03   Luggage Wrapping Machine

XL03  Luggage wrapper is designed to stretch wrap luggage and related items for security purposes in an airport setting. Film provides extra support while the luggage is being transport to protect them become damaged. And the plastic and closing label cannot be removed and replaced by a thief . Additionally , wrapped luggage can easily be separated and identified.

The machine is a movable and manually operated rotary turntable device use stretch film to wrap the luggage .The operator placed the luggage on the platform and adjusts vertical rods to secure bag according the luggage’s size .Then begin the wrap process, the operator press start button on control panel pack the luggage by a 3 to 5 layers of stretch film. The operator cuts film tail and removed from the turntable. The machine is ready to accommodate the next piece of luggage.


Operator adjusts vertical rods to secure bag

Film Tension Control adjustment on the panel

Time switch to control Wrap time

20 RPM speed platform

Machine movable easy to move by one person

Technical Parameter

Wrapping Size (L×W×H) (400-800) mm×(180-350)mm×(300-1000)mm
Turntable Loading 100kg
Packing Efficenty 20-40 psc/hour
Film carriage system Pre-stretch
Machine weight 200kg
Shape dimension 1320mmL×600mmW×1114mmH
Power/voltage 0.75kw/AC220V/50HZ/1Phase