STM -200 Sticking Film Machine
January 15, 2021
XL02 Singapore Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine
January 15, 2021

XL01 Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine


XL-01 Luggage wrapping machine

Name and characteristics


















XL-01 Luggage wrapping machine

I. General Description:

XL01 Luggage wrapper is designed to wrap luggage and related items for security purposes in an airport or hotel. Film provides extra support while the luggage is being transport to protect them become damaged. And the plastic and closing label cannot be removed and replaced by a thief . Additionally , wrapped luggage can easily be separated and identified

II. Specifications:


Turntable Loading          100kg

Packing Efficient            20-40 psc/hour

Film carriage system       Pre-stretch

Machine weight  200kg

Power/voltage    0.75kw/AC220V/50HZ/1Phase

Wrapping size:L1200mm*W500mm*H600

Shape dimension:1790mmL×760mmW×1174mm H

Stretch film used for wrapping machine


LLDPE – Stretch Film

Film Thickness  17-35 µm

Film Width   400-500mm

Core Diameter   76.2 mm

Maximum Film. Diameter  220 mm

Max. weight of film roll    15 kg




Total Amount:


Include the wooden crate and local freight to sea port.


  • 1 Brief Introduction



Luggage wrapper is designed to wrap luggage and related items for security purpose in airport. Film provides extra support while the luggage is being transport to protect them from being damaged. And the plastic and closing label avoid wrong taking. The machine is a movable and manually operated rotary turntable device use stretch film to wrap the luggage .The operator places the luggage on the platform and adjusts vertical rods to secure bag according the luggage’s size. Then begin the wrap process, the operator press start button on control panel pack the luggage by a 3 to 5 layers of stretch film. The operator cuts film tail and removes from the turntable. The machine is ready to accommodate the next piece of luggage.


  • 2 600LG Technical Data

1.Material Applied:

Material Wideness(max) Thickness Paper Core Film Roller Dia
LLDPE film 300~500 mm 17~35μm 76.2mm(3”) ≤260 mm

2.Working power: AC220V/50HZ 10A -1p.

The power must be separated and fixed; any temporary wire or co-wire with other devices is prohibited. Electrical pressure of less than 210V or more than 230V is prohibited .  Please check the live wire, neutral wire and ground wire when connects. (Damages on the device or others caused by improper power supply are invalid in our repair guarantee.)

3.Cycle Speed      6-20RMP

4、Loading Size:   (400-800)×(180-350)×(300-600)mm

5、Production Speed:20-40Loads/hr

6、Loading Weight:  100kg

7、Machine Weight:  200kg

8、Power:           220VAC, 0. 75kw

  • 3 Unpack and Assembly
  1. Open package in marked position check the machine and its accessories, following the packing list and check carefully for damage and report any damage immediately to transportation department or consigner.
  2. Assembly, debug please refer to this manual.
  3. This machine should be installed in a dry place where it is dry and there is no dust, no leaking, no flammable or explosive chemical preparations or other things eroding. The surrounding temperature should range from –10 to 50oc
  4. Check other connect parts is electrical connection is loosed or not and fixed loosed or lost parts.
  5. Plug power, and then turn on air switch in electric cabinet, insert key on control penal in turn. Machine is ready now.
  • 4 Control Panel


  1. Power: Power control switch. Turns the power On and Off to the machine
  2. Power Indicator: To control the power, the light is on when the switch of the power is on.
  3. Turntable start: This turns the turntable (jog).
  4. Stop: When press the button, all the actions will stop!
  5. Turntable speed: adjust speed of turntable.
  6. Film Tension :This switch is to adjust the different film tension between the film carriage and the goods.

1)According to different loads,adjust the tension of the film. With the coordination of the turntable speed, this switch is adjusted.

2)Rotate clockwise to increase film tension, counter-clockwise to decrease.

  1. Delay Control:the span of delay time is 30 seconds, and a certain wrap cycles can be achieved by delay time!。
  2. Wrap Count: as press this button it shows how many times of TURNTABLE, underside show needed revolving times, when above figure and underside figure are same, the machine will not work if press this button again.


  • 5 Usage


  • LLDPE Features


The film brings backpressure to the being packed, thus protecting the latter. The backpressure of the film is produced by the stretching. The cohesion reduces skidding and causes a repeating effect, forming a dynamic coat.

0-40%    Min. memory

40-75%   Memory begins to react

75-100%  Medium backpressure

100-200% Backpressure that easily attains max. percentage

200-250% it is suggested to choose proper films and stretching equipments to attain max stretching

250%+ Affected by the stress, the film begins to intensely loose

300%+ Memory damaged, the film only equals to plastic film

2.YK600LG Operation model

  • Place the luggage on the turntable, and slide the bars to clamp it!
  • Open the electric cabinet, turn on the air switch!
  • Set the delay time to attain desired wrap count.
  • Adjust proper film tension。
  • Push TURNTABLE START to wrap。

3Film Threading Diagram

Stretch and compensate of film:

According to capability of film the work state of film is best if tension of film is 250%. So this machine set the tension of film is 250%.


Load and unload of film roll:

The core of film should be keep full and undamaged and is against from moisture and water. Open the right door of machine, close upon film according to clockwise pull out film and put the core of film in canister.


  • 6 Safety and Maintenance


  1. Load the goods stably and handle them slightly to avoid the distortion of the under-pan or the shortening of the life of the components.
  2. To ensure a normal operation, the electric cabinet should be closed tightly and the components and the joints of wiring should be cleaned and checked periodically.
  3. It is prohibited to test pressure between DC motor control panel and ground wire.
  4. In process working of machine should be regularly check connecting of parts is loose or lost or not, if it is exist have to fasten it.
  5. The turntable should be revolve clockwise.
  6. It is prohibited that put hand and other object into roller when the roller revolve.
  7. To fix ground line against hitting person or machine.
  8. As move the machine have to cut off the power.



  • 7Garantee


  1. Machinery is warranted against defects for original purchaser in material and workmanship under normal use one year after date of shipment.
  2. Any part which is determined by the manufacturer to be defective in material or workmanship and returned to the factory, shipping cost prepaid, will be at the exclusive remedy, repaired or replaced at our option. Any modifications performed without written approval of the manufacturer may void warranty.
  3. Our company will make a good faith effort for prompt correction or other adjustment with respect to any product which proves to be defective within the Guarantee.
  4. It is beyond guarantee that operator correctly use power and nonstandard operate machine.
  5. The manufacture will is not responsible for any loss beyond this machine.
  6. The manufacture will is not responsible for any damages made by unprofessional person.
  7. The manufacture will is not responsible for any requirement and change beyond the contract of this machine, unless manufacture would like to take up it as upgrade of products.