Vegetable Banding Machine AG03
January 28, 2021
YF130 Mobile Pallet Strapping Machine
January 28, 2021

Vegetable Banding Machine


Vegetable banding machine

 Desk or table banding machine   Working shop

advantages :simple structure, easy operation and maintenance , low  failure rate, low  maintenance cost, strapping tightening efforts adjustable


Suitable for vegetable in super market , noodles, shopping mall, garment, , so some promotion use.

Strapping range: 22 cm * 18 cm (maximum object size to be strapped: width * height)

Strapping efficiency: 3 seconds / time (one cycle), single strapping: 1.5 second / second

Strapping band width: 12 mm

Machine power: AC220V (50Hz)

Power 350w , 220v 1ph 50hz

Machine size 46*26*38  cm

Weight 26 kg


Packing material : opp tape for vegetable

Inner core diameter 4 cm

Strip width 12mm

One roll 1500.meter length

Logo can be printed on the label