January 28, 2021
Vegetable Banding Machine
January 28, 2021

Vegetable Banding Machine AG03


Desk or table banding machine   Working shop

advantages :simple structure, easy operation and maintenance , low  failure rate, low  maintenance cost, strapping tightening efforts adjustable
Banding machine

Automatic vegetable banding machine for supermarket store to banding the vegetable, Flowers,noodles, promotion products, two bottles, boxes, bundles,and bank notes .


Used for:


  1. Supermarket vegetable area
  2. Fresh (vegetables) distribution enterprises
  3. Vegetable storage enterprises or cooperatives
  4. Vegetable distribution market (wholesale Market)

5 .Professional vegetable planting base and cooperatives (such as leek base,

  1. Integrated vegetable Areas
  2. categories of food production enterprises
  3. Flower cultivation base
  4. commercial sales in the promotional merchandise To bundle (such as ham sausage)
  5. production enterprises, such as the packing of products, such as gloves, socks, shoe pads, etc.
  6. printing and plastics Product packaging, such as plastic packaging bags, labels, cards, documents,



 Suitable for vegetable in super market , noodles, shopping mall, garment, , so some promotion use.

Strapping arch range: min . 260 x120mm

Medium 360 *160 mm,  now we quoted this arch size.
Large size 400*200

(maximum object size to be strapped: width * height)
width and height we do have 3 kind of size.

Strapping efficiency: 3 seconds / time (one cycle), single strapping: 1.5 second / second

Strapping band width: 12 mm

Machine power: AC220V (50Hz)

Power 350w , 220v 1ph 50hz

Machine size 46*26*38  cm

Weight 26 kg
Our service

1, One year guarantee for the whole machine except blade heater,and belt.,
they are easy wear out spare parts.

2, 24 hours technical support by email.

3, User-friendly English software and user manual.
4, the machine it is very easy to use , enjoy it while your were working.


Packing material : opp tape for vegetable

Inner core diameter 4 cm

Strip width 12mm

One roll 1500meter length

Logo can be printed on the label .


Other packing machine of vegetable.

Product Name :450    cling Film Packing Machine
price 35 usd per pcs.  6 pcs / carton


Machine size 52.5*48.2*22 cm

Weight of product: 6.5 kg


Cutter temperature :50-130 degrees


Scope of application: this machine is widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, fresh fruit shops, machine operation simple, hot knife dissolved, heating plate , make film sealing stronger, machine work with high efficiency , products is prevented from water evaporation, keep fresh taste, prevent from chilled smell, improve valid life.

Another kind vegetable packing machine ,
filling in bags and take out the air in vacuum, input the nitrogen air.
Price for this , 11000 usd per set