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August 20, 2020
January 5, 2021

Tray packing machine and Shrink wrapping machine


Product Description

Tray Packer And Shrink Wrapping Machine

The packing machine is use to pack the bottle , cans , boxes,or dairy products inside the cartons or half cartons ,
Then cover with shrink film, and send it to shrink turnnel , feed out the products like these pictures.
We call this tray packer , or case packer.
Finished pack pictures for reference.

ZX03E+SM6040 automatic tray packer + shrink wrapping system

ZX03E+SM6040 automatic tray packer + shrink wrapping system

One、Technical parameter
● machine model : ZX03E+SM6040
● machine size :L14000×W1250×H2100mm
● outside size :machine main part :6800×1250×2350mm
Shrink tunnel :4200×1100×1700mm
conveyor : 3000×1200×950mm
● max wrapping size:L420×W280×H350mm
● shrinking film material:PE
● thickness of shrinking film :0.03-0.15mm
● thermo shrinkage tunnel max temperature :160 – 260°can adjust
● max output per minute::18 packages/min
● machine power :42Kw
● actual power:30Kw/hr
●voltage requirement:380V/50-60HZ
● weight:3000kgs
● air pressure:0.6-0.8mpa
● working noise:≤65db
● feed Cans conveyor belt width:541mm
● fan:1.1Kw 3sets 380V, 60W 6sets 380V

Two、Basic Configuration
● Dynatec :glue machine
● Siemens-Germany : PLC Control system
● touch screen: Siemens 1set
● Taiwan Airtac pneumatic component 1set
●Taiwan TECOInverter 2set
● Stainless steel wing heating tube 12pcs 。
● China-USA cooperation Teflon convey belt.
● Shanghai HEMEI motor and Zhenjiang Taili worm derailleur.
● South Korea Autonics photoelectricity switch, approach witch
● thermo sealing knife aluminum casting heating board, even temperature, long usage life, our company special production.
●whole machine appearance plastic spray, machine rack adopt to high-quality carbonated steel, main part adopt to stainless steel.
● Wooden case and wrappage film separate package.

Three、Product instruction
●Inverter speed adjust。
● Cans pushing, thermo sealing and cutting whole movement adopt to pneumatic fracture.
● Proximity switch control film length。
●Touch screen, PLC system greatly increase facility movement reliability.
●Three-wind recycle fan machine, ensure shrinkage tunnel inside even temperature.
● Super big wind-volume cooling system, ensure quickly get into shape .
●Anti-high temperature teflon convey belt, convey steadily, high-strength anti-abrasion.
●Inverter limitless speed adjust convey belt frame.
● convey belt height can make according client requirement, adjust range:±100mm
● Wing stainless steel heating system, endurance
● Meet with product instant stop requirement product-bearing rack device ensure production line consistency.

four、Technical requirement:
1、package type:
(1)200ml /350/500/550/600ML big Packs:4×6,4×5 ;small Packs、3×4,3×5 four type of package.
2、Regarding can, we suggest adopt to package with tray , pack steadily. But your trays are not long enough , we suggest to change the sizes.
3、package speed:6-15 Packs/min
4、meet with pre-treatment filling speed of filling machine.
(1)200/ 350/500/550/600ML big Packs:4×6,4×5,(24000-29000b/hr)、small Packs:3×5,3×4,(15000-18000b/hr).

5、package material:PE thermo shrinkage film width(200-600mm),thickness(0.03-0.12mm)

Five、The working principle of equipment
●Cans hander film wrapping: via Cans handing pole control each group Cans movement distance, let it synchronization with film lifting pole, and let Cans push to film wrapping section belt; film lifting pole and film lifting device match torsion limit stopper, while Cans drop or Cans block, limit stopper movement let machine auto stop, after failure solve, then turn limit stopper hand wheel reset.

● Mechanism rotation: the machine rotation drove by servo motor, adopt to synchronous belt and chain rotation assembly method, ensure rotation harmony, the place that adopt to chain ration all add protection covet and lubricate device, ensure worker safe and circumstance clean.

● Have the function: while lack Cans, the machine will alarm, no Cans no film feeding function

● Controlling system: adopt to PLC and touch screen controlling, have manual. Auto move method, touch screen have full machine manipulation function, can display instant and accumulated package quantity, and enable can print with the connected printer. Setting procedure is more quick and precise; controlling panel adopt to electronics touch and control button controlling, can directly input and revise package type parameter, also can save different package specification parameter; timely supervise facility operation whole process. All the working procedure all have sensor checker, have ego diagnose function, if have any breakdown, facility will auto stop, alarm light blink, display breakdown type indication on the touch screen; common type reducer motor matching Inverter transducer, whole machine limitless speed adjust, move transmission is very steadily; can as above situation change, auto control machine movement speed.

● Mechanism character: mechanism spare parts adopt to stainless steel, chroming steel and strong anti-corrode character aluminum alloy ect material; surface good quality spray printing, whole machine have strong anti-rust character.

● The facility accord with safe manipulation and safe operation related criterion and standard. All the lubricate part connect central place, for convenient to handle, lubricate part all ensure have no pollute on the product.

● Performance character: high automatic degree, the machine choose PLC programmable control, electricity part all adopt to import reliable pneumatic device and super electricity controlling technology, have steadily character, easy to handle, low failure, high automatic degree ect advantage; easy to handle; the machine belong to full auto production, and can limitless speed adjust and whole line synchronization operation.

Six、Facility parts introduction
● Cans entry plate chain guiding direction adjust

●.Cans sorting blocking board width adjustment:

●. Cardboard magazine system

Hot glue machine

Machine main part system

Main component detail list
no Name specification number brand
1 board production component
2 Plant metal component
3 pneumatic component 1 Taiwan Airtec
4 Electric controlling component and accessory
Glue machine 1 Dynatec
Photoelectric switch 1 South Korea Autonics
Proximity switch 4 South Korea Autonics
PLC 1 Siemens
Touch screen 1 Siemens
Frequency converter 2 Taiwan TECO
AC contactor 9 France Schneider
Mid-relay 12 OMRON

packing list
NO Name Model Number Remark
1 Automatic film wrappage machine YK-ZX03E+SM6040 1 set
2 Cans convey machine YK-ZX03E+SM6040 1 set
3 Thermo shrinkage package machine YK-ZX03E+SM6040 1 set
4 Convey machine rack YK-ZX03E+SM6040 1 set
5 Wing heating tube Stainless iron 2 piece
6 Thermo-sealing cutting 1 unit
7 Pressed rubber 1 set
8 AC contactor 1 unit
9 Middle relay 2 units
10 High temperature fabric 1 piece Stainless steel
11 Film for machine testing 2 rolls
12 Thermo-couple 1 piece
13 Tools 1 set
14 Temperature control meter instruction
15 Frequency converter instruction 1 piece
16 Operation use instruction 1piece

Technical Specification
※ SM-6040M model use imported double wind motor, enable the air spread homogenized in the oven, the appearance after shrink is more beautiful.
※ The hot air flow circulation is adjustable in the oven, it is more energy saving.
※ Using sincere rod wrapped with imported silica gel tube, chain conveyor is more wear well
※ inverter control the conveyor speed, realize the stepless speed adjusting.
※ super wind cooling system to cool down and finalize the shape after shrink the product. ※ The down stream can fit Al roller platform, the product after packed could not falling to the floor.
※ imported general power stopper with quality ensure
※ conveyor is controlled by imported inverter, stepless speed adjust
※ two sides of the oven has insulation plate and heating proof protection
※ imported heat insulation shade, large reduce the heating loss.
※ with normal and sealed shaft option, no position moving even for packing small goods.
※ with foot bolt can fit for different height of production line.
※ s.s. heater with quick temperature rise and long life of 5~10 years.
※ warm gear box and big power motor to ensure the conveyor stable, without vibrating. ※ the foot wheel enable the machine move free.
※ special designed air path system, the product is heating homogenously.
※ internal plate of the oven use adjustable air hole, can adjust the cooling air fan at defined part according to the shrink requirement

suitable scope
Applicable for the cans, glass cans, bear cans, mineral water etc, large quantities of auto shrink packing goods, at same time suitable for the wood, steel, porcelain, household electrical facility, PC etc. industry. Special design for the PE shrink pack for big heavy goods, the conveyor can be designed as roller type, Teflon net or s.s. conveyor net according to user’s demand. Big shrink pack can be shrinked in short time. The appearance of the pack after shrink is tidy, tighten, easy to palletize, ensure the product quality and long distance transportation. Suitable for PE,PVC etc. multiple shrink packing material.
Model No. SM-6040
Mechanic size L×W×H(mm) 2800×900×1720
Max packing size L×W×H(mm) 500×450×330
Oven sizeL×W×H(mm) 1800×600×1400
Packing speed 5-15 Trays/min
power 22 kw
power source 3φ220V/380V 50/60Hz