Sticking Film Machine
January 15, 2021
XL01 Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine
January 15, 2021

STM -200 Sticking Film Machine

STM-200 Film Sticking On Profile Machine


This protective film sticking machine applies to profiles, such as various aluminum

profiles and stainless steel profiles. Film sticked can prevent thermal break profile

from getting dirty during installation. You can also put ads on the film.


  1. High-quality driving system, no noise and stable.
  2. The tape (sticker roll) can be PE Film And adhesive tape
  3. Quick and accurate positioning of the film.
  4. Equipped with quick replacement and clamping unit, that can change roller angle

or direction quickly to fit profile shapes.

  1. Easy to operate and user-friendly.

Technical data:

Model STM -200

Power supply 380V/50HZ

Total power 1.1KW

Max packing size 200×250 mm(WxH)

Working speed 0-120m/min

Overall dimension 1800x770x1460mm


Weight 400kg

Model Working speed Lead time FOB SHANGHAI

STM -200 0-120m/min 15days USD4500.00