SHL-2570 High Speed Labeling Machine For Small Bottle And Cosmetic
January 14, 2021
SHL-3520 Corner Labeling Machine
January 14, 2021

SHL-2586 Horizontal Labeling Machine


SHL-2586 Horizontal Labeling Machine



1、This labeling machine is suitable for Ampoule, Oral liquid bottle and the slightness bottles.

2、Double transporting tracks. Upper one is for labeling the bottles and the lower is for transporting bottle pallets. So that the labeled bottles will fall in to the pallet allurately.

3、Auger applies in bottles separation mechanism, ensure the distance between the bottles correct.

4、Bottles upright transporting horizontally, steady and easy operate.

5、Labels orientation device make the labels’ position error less than ±0.5mm.

6、After labeling, the failure rate is less than one ten thousandth.

7、Function of alarming when lack of labels.

8、Panasonic servo motor adopted in the machine’s main motor, PLC controlled with touch screen. Fast speed and steady performance.

9、This machine designed elaborately, compact structure, steady performance, convenient debugging. Suitable for various specs bottles’ labeling and enter into pallet.


Technical parameter

Electric Voltage:AC220V 50/60HZ


Labeling Spees:0-380BMP(depend on the length of label)

Labeling Precision:±0.5mm

Lettering machine speed:0-380(synchronize with labeling)

Container’s range:Length 25-120mm,Diam 10-30mm

Label’s range:Height 20-90mm,Length 25-100mm

Max. label roll:Diam 420mm,Inside diam 76mm

Overall dimensions(L×W×H):4000×1400×1800mm


Sticker Labels Data:

Base paper:use 62g Glassive base paper,

paper fine and close with good intension and transmittance

fastness and not easy to break easy to cut。

Basic weight:   62g/㎡±5%      thickness:55μm±5%

base paper tensile strength.:lengthway:25g/pcs

Crosswise:31g/pcs       transparency:52%

Labels distance:3-4mm±0.2mm

Distance between label and base paper:2mm

Life length:10years

Labeling direction(from left to right or opposite)according to customer’s request



Bottles distributing—Correcting—Pressing—Labeling—Reinforcing—Finish

Main components list

NO. Name Mft Model Qty Mark
1 Label feeding servo motor  


MHMD042G1U 2  
2 Label feeding servo driver  


MBDHT2510E 2  
3 Power Taiwan Meanwell S-75-24 1  
4 Touch screen Taiwan Weinview MT6056I 1  
5 PLC Panasonic FP-X0L30R 1  
6 Frequency transformer Tianzheng TVFM9-2007 1  
7 Bottle inspection sensor Korea Autonics BF3RX 1  
8 Label inspection sensor Korea Autonics BF3RX 1  
9 In tray sensor Korea Autonics BF3RX 2  
10 Alarm sensor Janpan Omron E3Z-T61 2  
11 Transporting motor Wenzhou Dongli YSJ400W-4P 1  
12 Bottle feeding motor Beijing V.T.V YN90-90W 1  
13 Paper collecting motor Beijing V.T.V YN90-90W 1  
14 Labeling head motor Beijing V.T.V YN90-40W 2  
18 Bottle separate motor Changzhou Yameike 85BYGH450B 1  
18 Printer  Shanghai HD-600 1  Option
18 Relay Janpan Omron MY2NJ 5  
17 Paper collecting speed switch Janpan Omron TL-Q5MC1 1