Labeling Machine With Double Sides Sticking Heads
January 14, 2021
SHL-2510 Front & Back Sticker Labeling Machine
January 14, 2021

SHL-1582 Ampoule Labeling Machine


SHL-1582 Ampoule Labeling Machine


1.Easy touchtone operation panel,toolless maintenance,shorten the worker’s training time.

2.Wear-resistant label rolling mechanism,use polyurethane material,not wear and tear.

3.Advanced screw wheel feeding mechanism,easy,steady,reliable,not broken bottles.

4.Use imported bearings for transporting wheels,make the bottles rolling agilely,ensure the labeling quality.

5.Durable frame and other parts,standard,changeable,can work 24hours.

6.Case is made of SUS304 stainless steel and T6 aluminum alloy,never rust,meets GMP standard.

7.Rolling wheel press bottle,make the label more fasten.

8.Label sync orientation mechanism,precision ±1mm.

9.Multipoint E-stop button fixed on the suitable position of the production,makes it more safe,smooth.



Technical Data

Voltage upply:AC220V 50/60HZ(Single-phase)
Labeling Speed::0-240bpm(According to the bottle size and label size)

Labeling Precision::±0.5mm(Except the error of the labeled object and labels)

Container’s range:Diam.10-25mm,H 25-150mm
Label size:H18-90 mm,L11-120 mm

Max.Label Roll size:Outer dia.360 mm,Inner dia.76 mm

Sticker Labels Data:

Base paper:use 62g Glassive base paper,

paper fine and close with good intension and transmittance

fastness and not easy to break easy to cut。

Basic weight:   62g/㎡±5%      thickness:55μm±5%

base paper tensile strength.:lengthway:25g/pcs

Crosswise:31g/pcs       transparency:52%

Labels distance:3-4mm±0.2mm

Distance between label and base paper:2mm



Bottle seperating-transporting-labeling-finish

Main components list

No. Item Maker Model Qty Mark
1 Stepping Mator Changzhou Yameike 85BYGH450B 1  
2 Driver Shanghai 2BH06M200 1  
4 Voltage Transformer Changzhou Hengda HDB-200 1  
5 Bottle Inspect Sensor Korea Autonics BF3RX/12-24VDC 1  
6 Label Inspect Sensor Korea Autonics BF3RX/12-24VDC 1  
7 Transporting Motor wenzhoudongli YN100-180W 1  
8 Bottle Separate Motor wenzhoudongli YN90-90W 1  
9 Rolling Wheel Motor wenzhoudongli YN90-90W 1  
10 Power Taiwan Meanwell S-75-24 1  
10 Stainless steel   SUS304    
11 Al   L2    
12 Touch Screen Taiwan Weinview MT6056i   Option
13 PLC Panasonic FP-XD30R   Option