Servo Motor Palletizing Machine SV-MD01
January 26, 2021
SV-MD02 Servo Motor Palletizing Machine
January 26, 2021

Servo Motor Palletizing Machine

Robotic Servo Palletising Machine)


It is used for stacking the cartons/bags on the pallet in a certain order,automatic stacking,can be multi-layer,and then push out,convenient for forklift truck transport to warehouse for storage.

Equipment programming instructions:
The equipment is controlled by computer,using the handle to teach programming ( the handle devices which is similar to game handle demonstrate the palletizing process,and then store the proces.

Palletizer produced by Ausimpack shanghai Co.,Ltd,realizing intelligent operation management,simple,easy to master,greatly reduce labor personnel and the labor intensity.


1.can store more than different kind of stacking way,call out at any time;

2.simple programming,direct teaching is ok. (see the “equipment programming instructions”);

3.the machine has the function of network communication,has great help for the production and management;

Note: we also can support automatic assembly line,automatic weight detector,case erector,carton packing machine,carton sealing machine and labeling machine,etc.

Equipment Parameters:

Model  SV-MD01
Pallet sizes mm(a×b)  
Pallet size(mm) 1200mmL*1000mmW
Air supply 0.6-0.8Mpa
Voltage Input 220V/380V,1/3Phase
Palletising mode Rectangular coordinate 4-axis manipulator type sponge vacuum
Capacity 4-5 Boxes/Min
Single packed carton weight ≦30KG
Highest height of pallet 1600mm (1800mmH is standard palletising height)
Equipment structure 4-axis   Palletizer body、sponge vacuum gripper、positioning conveyor line
Machine weight 600Kgs
Size (mm)(L×W×H) L2200mm*W2000mm*H2600mm



PLC Controller Siemens Germany
Inverters Delta CHINA. TAIWAN
Servo Coder Siemens Germany
Servo Amplifier Siemens Germany
Servo Driving Motor Siemens Germany
Sensor Omron Omron
Alarm Schneider France
Switches Schneider France
E-Stop Schneider France
Pneumatic Components Airtac CHINA. TAIWAN


Features &Performance

Lifting arm:

The lifting arm is an important part of the palletising machine structure and can be called the Y-axis. The palletising machine is a square tube welded structure, and the servo motor drives the synchronous belt and the synchronous pulley to move linearly with the linear slide. The palletising machine is a combination of multiple sets of accessories, including servo motors, rotating components, timing belts, tensioning devices, buffer blocks, and sponge suction cups.

Centering position conveyor:

Centered positioning conveyor is also one of the important components of the whole palletising machine structure. Positioning conveyor can accurately locate the product carton, reducing the error of the palletising machine, thus achieving fast and accurate palletising. The centering conveyor is equipped with a photoelectric sensor switch to detect whether the condition of the object carton is satisfied, and the guiding structure is arranged on both sides of the conveyor line and paired with a pneumatic centering device.

X-axis linear sliding trail

The X-axis guide design is designed with a combination of a linear guide and an auxiliary guide. The linear guide mainly carries the gravity of the upper mechanical part. The auxiliary guide rail mainly carries the vertical workpiece and the weight of the cantilever shaft, so that the bottom is evenly stressed, the center of gravity is stable, and the eccentricity is not eccentric, which increases the stability of the machine.

Weighing balance block:

The function of the weighing balance block is mainly to stabilize the machine operation, increase the balance force during the movement, and reduce the wear between the slide rails.

Sponge vacuum cup gripper:

The suction cup is made of Japanese imported materials and SMC pneumatic components. The difference between the pressure values can be observed on the instrument panel at any time. The upper part of the sponge suction cup adopts the rotating gear ratio structure. It is driven by Japanese servo motor and can reach any angle of 0-360 degrees. Precisely rotate the position for palletising. The suction cup can carry up to 30kgs of carton and surface leveling objects.