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January 25, 2021
Servo Motor Palletizing Machine SV-MD01
January 26, 2021

Robot System Palletizing Machine

Brief introduction

mainly move by horizontal movement axis, vertical movement

axis, rotation foundation and front hand axis.


When every 4 cartons come to the conveyor, the machine will stretch the hand to stop them on the conveyor, then 4 cardboards  one time sucking and placing inside the cartons.


Sucking cup


Suck the paper board 4 piece per time ,max 500 times per hour to meet 1800 cartons per hour …….


Movement range


1: Install a storage rack next to the robot to store cardboard.


2: The robot is equipped with customized sucker, which absorbs 4 pieces of cardboard at a time and moves to the top of the conveyor belt.


3: The boxes on the original conveyor belt is equipped with a stop at the fixed position. The stop  intercepts the box when it reaches the exact position.


4: When the box stops, the robot puts the cardboard into the box, the baffle is retrieved, and the box is conveyed forward mechanically and circulated in turn.



Use and characteristics of manipulators:


In industrial production, it can replace people to do some boring , often movement and repetitive long-term work, or work in dangerous and harsh environment, complete the handling or process operation of harmful materials to human body, and complete the loading and unloading process perfectly. It has flexible installation mode.

High Precision and High Speed: Servo Motor with High Precision Reducer, Fast Response and High Precision

High productivity: 24 hours a day continuous production, high productivity

Improving the working environment: Improving the working conditions of workers and reducing the strength of employees Enterprise cost: early investment, reduce labor costs, half a year can recover input costs

Wide scope: packages, food, beverage, chemical and other industries

Technical parameter

Item Specification
Model YK-SR-210
Controlled  axis 6 axis (A.B.C.D)
Installation Install on floor

Motion Range

J1 J1::±150°(118°/S)
J2      J2:-90°/+50°(156°/S)
J3    J3:-60°/+105°(143°/S)
J4   J4:±180°(350°/S)
J5   J5:±115°(270°/S)
J6  J6:±360°(337°/S)
Max. Load Capacity(contains hand) 25 Kg
Handing Capacity  500 times/hour
Drive capacity AC servo motor drive
Placement accuracy ±0.5mm
  Power 4.5KW
   Weight 800Kg±10%