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January 15, 2021
January 15, 2021

Plastic Roll Pillow Bag Bagging Machine

Pillow Bag Bagging Machine


Machine video







Touch screen control system;
Speed is controlled by frequency inverter;
The parts contact carbon steel;
Compact in structure and strong in quality;
Products feeding and film sending can work separately;
Machine work stable and nice package;
Easy to operate and low maintenance


Applicable for packing various solid regular objuects, such as pie, biscuits, boon cake, ets.noodle,comstics and Any kind of products and so on.

1, The bag length is free adjustable setting, the equipment may automatically detect and set the length;

2, Simplified mechanic gearing, easy to maintain, little vibration, little wearing and “long life”;

3, The main control takes the single chip developed by our own, digital screen display and controlled by transducer. Perfect inter face between peerator and machine. Integrated, direct and convenient poeration;

4, The capacity and the length of bag take double frequency converter cnotrol with stepless speed shift and wide adjustment. It can match well with the former working procedure of production line;

5, Highly sensitive respond photoelectric device can follow automatically and accurately;

6, Independent temperature control for each sealer, and make it beautiful and tight and suitable for a wide variety of flexible packing material. And save the wrapping bag material

7, Device for intermission air charging and alcohol spray can be mounted.

Technical Parameter

Packing speed  40-200 pcs/ minute depends
Film width Max 450mm
Finished bag length 30-200 mm ( Adjustable )
Product shapes Hair dress Roll ,length 109mm, width  22-64mm
Total power 2.8 KW
Power supply 220V; 50 HZ ( Adjustable)
Film OPP, CPP, PET aluminum, hot-sealing film and cold-sealing film
Machine  dimensions 4200mm*950mm*1580mm
package  dimensions 4500mm*1050mm*1680mm   750kg

Delivery Date: 30 days after deposit arrival.

Delivery Destination: Shanghai Port.

Time of Shipment:After buyer has inspected and checked the equipment in seller’s factory, seller will arrange the shipping issue in 1-2 weeks.

Seller offers the quality warrantee for one year, and with easy wear parts as showed




Packing machine  
Name Remark
PLC Panasonic
Frequency converter Panasonic
Approach switch Omron
Button switch Schneider
Binding post Weldmuller
Display screen Konglun 7”
Motor Jiangchen, Guangdong
Electric eye Yatai, Shanghai
Temperature controller Yatai, Shanghai
emergency stop switch Schneider
power panel Mingwei
solid-state relay Schneider
Relay Schneider
Circuit interrupter MUNLAN
Position switch Schneider


Accessories with delivery

List of attached documents, fittings and tools



  1. Instruction manual
  2. PLC construction specification
  3. Transducer instruction manual
  4. Thermostat instruction manual
  5. Color mark magic eye instruction manual
  6. Approach switch instruction manual



  1. Push block

nylon, 10 pieces, or stainless steel, 5 pieces

  1. End-sealing cutter 1 pair
  2. Mid-sealing drive belt 1 piece
  3. Mid-sealing electric heating tube 2 pieces 110V  200W
  4. End-sealing electric heating tube 2 pieces 110V  250W
  5. Power cord 5 meters



  1. Monkey wrench   1 piece
  2. Hexagon ring spanner  1 set
  3. “-” type screw driver 1 piece
  4. “+” type screw driver 1 piece



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