Packer Sealer
January 11, 2021
Wrap Around Carton Packer
January 11, 2021

Packing Line Solution, Bottle,Can And Cup Case Packing Solution

This machine shapes the cartons automatically and closes their bottom flap with hot melt. Each individual machine parts in terms of user-friendliness and stability when it comes to feed and changeover.



1.Wrap Around Case Packer


model:GB series


  • Conveyor is made of stainless steel 304
  • Machine frame and base is made of A3,contact part is stainless steel 304
  • Machine should be painted according to the supplier’s standard color
  • Control panel with touch screen

Technical Requirements:

  • Capacity of the individual machine: 10-13 boxes/min
  • Time from gluing of carton to sealing is less than 0.7 second. Time from the end of sealing to discharge (i.e. the time for the hot-melt glue to dry when the carton flaps are pressed) is longer than 2 second.
  • Smooth carton sealing process without breaking of bottles
  • Secure carton sealing without loosing
  • No damages should be done to the packaging of the product during wraparound packing.

Machine Design

  • Roller conveyor for stack preparation: next to the machine
  • Design of the stack preparation unit with Driven conveyors in one level
  • Installation of the stack preparation unit: next to the container in feed
  • Length of the stack preparation unit: 1 x 2300 mm
  • Control desk in the magazine area for adjustments at container in feed
  • Number of lanes inside the machine: 4 lanes
  • Container in feed in the machine: fixed
  • Hot melt unit Make: pal pok
  • Container conveyor height : 1100 mm
  • Necessary room height: 2550 mm

Basic machine

  1. Drive of the discharge conveyor via main drive
  2. Stack preparation next to machine
  3. Lifetime-lubricated bearings
  4. AC motors and converters
  5. LG frequency converter for container and pack transport
  6. machine control: LG
  7. positioning and axis control: OMRON
  8. Pivoted control panel with touch screen(LG)

Extensions / attachments

  1. In-feed for loose containers upstream of the machine, 6 chain lanes (load side)
  2. Conveyor attachments in the dosing area, adjustment with clamping levers
  3. Vibrator, electrical / pneumatic, for feeding the containers
  4. Spacing plates for directing containers
  5. Lane guides

Bottle Dispenser System is more easy to feed cans or bottles to case packer by at least 2-3 lines in horizontal level.Dispenser automatically detects amount of bottles,cans and cups on feed conveyor and controlled by SIEMENS PLC . When amount of bottles reach to settings conditions, dispenser will turnover direction to another line for feeding product under parameter settings.


Application: Suitable for such products as pop-top cans, glass bottles, beer and mineral water, wood, steel, doors, etc;

General-purpose application of shrink film PE;

6030Z, which is wrapping, sealing, shrinking, and cooling automatically;

The electrical units are chosen from international famous companies such as AIRTAC, Kudom etc;

Stainless steel heating elements assure long life span; shrinking temperature and conveyor speed are adjustable;

Conveyor unit has Teflon mesh type or rod-shaped chain type for your choice;

Intelligent digital temperature controller, air-circulation heating system;

The packed goods are neat, compact and suitable for prolonged transport.



YK-6040Z+YK-SM6040 is an automatic straight feed-in sleeve wrapper,adopt the unique straight design ,impact structure so occupy small place that special for there is limited on workplace or no need to adjust the direction of products in-feeding .It has not limit for the length of products.It can be operated independent also connected the production line.



YK-6040Z adopts imported advanced technology and artwork,ensures the machine’s stability and reliability.

Adopt OMRON PLC,realized the integrated with machine,electricity and air.

Compare with side feed-in machine,this machine has its advantage of the speed and connection

Adopt special design sealing blade,so that the seal is firm,no crack and not easy to stick with blade.

Adopts the imported sensor ensure the accurate location.

The imported durable conveying belt increase the conveying speed controlled by a transducer.

When sealing, the end is match press arm device for packing light goods,not easy to displacement.

YK-SM6040adopts double blowing motor to keep airwind dissipated evenly in the that can achieve the better effect after shrinking.

Feeding by poles chain which selects solid steel pole covered by imported silica gel,durable and bearable high intention for long time use.

Adopt transducer control the conveying speed ,step less used for packing some long product and beverage,beer,mineral water,pop-top cans and glass bottles with a tray or a carton.



We are specialized in designing and manufacturing different types of palletizing machine, which offers the best technical and economical solutions to the automatic bag and box handling industry. Other machines manufactured are ship container bulk- and bag loading systems. Many references in supplying complete bagging- palletising- wrapping lines. We are also supplying many palletising systems based on robopack in connection with own manufactured pick-up units and transport systems.

The palletiser is the most effective solution for high production requirements. It is designed to stack bags/sacks,rubber bales,cartons onto pallet according to the required patterning mode and layers

Product Description


The 6 x 4 pack measures 540 x 360mm x 290mm H.(round bottle is 89D x 289H)

The max. weight of a pallet is 1,200 kg

Pallet size : 1 .0 m× 1.2 m

Auto Palletizing machine can put the cartons filled with container on the tray (moodiness) in a fixed order and stack them automatically. The multilayer of palletizing enables the fork moves them into storehouse. This equipment adopts PLC touch screen and intelligent managing which is not only simple and easy to master, but also reducing the labor.

1  Touch screen shows the working capacity, reason and place of trouble has a high automatic degree. You can control the order of carton, stack layer, board supplying and output by putting them into the programme with the help of PLC.

2  Only need to control the touch screen to adjust the type of palletizing; Stable and high effect palletizing may reduce labor a lot;

3  Cartons supplying system is controlled by brake motor which can make the carton be conveyed according to the fixed order;

4  The board warehouse allow 12-15 empty boards and realize supplying the boards automatically;

5  Lower noise which is suit for China International Standard Noise (less than 75db);

6  Finish several kinds of palletizing without changing any parts;

7  Motor and reducer are both from NORD in Germany.

Equipment Adjustment & Operation

  1. Infeed Belt, Distribution Roller Conveyor and Carton-Separating Belt

When products are on high speed assembling line, distance among cartons is very small, so accelerating belt, taking advantage of speed difference between belt conveyors and roller conveyors, is adopted to separate close cartons and prepare for movement of swerving device. Belt will immediately stop to prevent continuous cartons from entering swerving roller conveyor and aligning section conveyor when number of cartons lined on the aligning conveyors amounts to the fixed number.

  1. Swerving Roller Conveyor

Cylinder is adopted to push blocking board, blocking rod or rotary table to rotate one corner of the carton, in order to stack cartons staggered.

  1. Conveyors of Aligning Section

Products, after direction swerved, will be aligned by certain order through PLC control.

4.Slip Sheet Feeder

Slip Sheet Feeder for both high lever and how lever infeed palletizing machines. It automatically picks a single sheet from the magazine and place a slip sheet or pull sheet on pallet.

  1. Stacking Device of Elevating Table

Sliding board is driven by motor and its elevating movement will be finished by chain and brake motor. When cartons on stacking table accounts to a full layer, sliding board will automatically move above pallets pile, and cylinder of aligning device will push out to compactly array cartons on the sliding board, then sliding board moves backward and leaves cartons on pallet. That is all for stacking movement of cartons of one layer.

  1. Empty Pallets Supplying Device

Driven by cylinder, piled empty pallets will be separated into single one and sent to chain conveyor to ensure supply of empty pallets.

  1. Chain Conveyor for Empty Pallet

Empty pallets will be pushed to appropriate place by PLC control, waiting for convergence with products.

  1. Chain Conveyor of Elevating Table

Driven by motor, empty pallets will be moved under elevating table exactly.

After fully stacked with products, pallets will be output by conveyors.

  1. Out-feed chain conveyor

Pallets, piled with products are output. Whole process finishes.


The YK-MD03 Linear Palletiser provides a new low cost and small footprint palletising alternative whilst still being able to operate at up to 15 boxes per minute*.

Special features of theYK-MD03:

All features as outlined above.

Steel construction with polycarbonate safety panels as  standard

Gantry-type design

Small footprint – only 2500mm x 2100mm

Single pallet position

Example of Pre-programmed Pallet Patterns



The MD03 is the sister system to the YK-MD03. Featuring common control systems, grippers and safety features as the YK-MD03, the MD03 is another cost-effective, small foot print palletiser. The MLP-12 is a cantilever design, and being constructed of structural aluminium profile, the MD03 series offers even greater flexibility to suit all applications as it is designed to be modular.

The MD03 offers the ability to palletise to multiple pallets as well as offering various infeed options.

Special features of the MD03:

  • Fully featured as outlined at top of page
  • Constructed from structural grade aluminium profile
  • Modular and expandable – units can be combined for higher throughput speeds
  • Small footprint:

        ♦   Single Pallet approximately 2400mm x 2500mm

        ♦   Double Pallet approximately 4200mm x 2500mm      

  • Cantilever arm design
  • Other pallets configurations available on request
  • Safety fencing available in either mesh or polycarbonate panels
  • Easily integrates with a stretch-wrapper to acheive further perfomance gains.