MD01 Carton And Bag Palletizing Machine
January 25, 2021
Painting Bucket Line
January 25, 2021

MD02 Carton And Bag Palletizing Machine

MD02  Carton and Bag palletizing machine

Arrangement Pattern


Product Description


  1. Reasonable structure, easy to operate and maintain.
  2. Advanced accessories, safe and reliable.
  3. High quality electrostatic spraying processingAuto Palletizing machine can put the cartons and bags filled with container on the tray (moodiness) in a

fixed order and stack them automatically. The multilayer of palletizing enables the fork moves them

into storehouse. This equipment adopts PLC touch screen and intelligent managing which is not only

simple and easy to master, but also reducing the labor.

The palletizer can do free and precise motion vertically and horizontally, for example, the shutter gripper can rotate freely in the range of 90°. The grouped products was pushed into shutter gripper which will fix them and synchronize the distance and angle set in vertical and horizontal directions driven by three servo motors. The shutter gripper stack products and then return to the original position to be prepared for next recycle.



1  Touch screen shows the working capacity, reason and place of trouble has a high automatic degree. You can control the order of carton, stack layer, board supplying and output by putting them into the programme with the help of PLC.

2  Only need to control the touch screen to adjust the type of palletizing; Stable and high effect palletizing may reduce labor a lot;

3  Cartons or bags feeding system is controlled by brake motor which can make the cartons and bags be conveyed according to the fixed order;

4  The empty pallet magazine allow 12-15 empty pallets and realize feeding to stacking position automatically;

5  Lower noise which is suit for China International Standard Noise (less than 75db);

6  Finish several kinds of palletizing without changing any parts;

7  Motor and reducer are both from NORD in Germany.

  1. Equipment Adjustment & Operation


  1. Infeed Belt, Distribution Roller Conveyor and Carton-Separating Belt

When products are on high speed assembling line, distance among cartons is very small, so accelerating belt, taking advantage of speed difference between belt conveyors and roller conveyors, is adopted to separate close cartons and prepare for movement of swerving device. Belt will immediately stop to prevent continuous cartons from entering swerving roller conveyor and aligning section conveyor when number of cartons lined on the aligning conveyors amounts to the fixed number.

  1. Swerving Roller Conveyor

Cylinder is adopted to push blocking board, blocking rod or rotary table to rotate one corner of the carton, in order to stack cartons staggered.

  1. Conveyors of Aligning Section

Products, after direction swerved, will be aligned by certain order through PLC control.

Slip Sheet Feeder

Slip Sheet Feeder for both high lever and how lever infeed palletizing machines. It automatically picks a single sheet from the magazine and place a slip sheet or pull sheet on pallet.

  1. Stacking Device of Elevating Table

Sliding board is driven by motor and its elevating movement will be finished by chain and brake motor. When cartons on stacking table accounts to a full layer, sliding board will automatically move above pallets pile, and cylinder of aligning device will push out to compactly array cartons on the sliding board, then sliding board moves backward and leaves cartons on pallet. That is all for stacking movement of cartons of one layer.

  1. Empty Pallets Supplying Device

Driven by cylinder, piled empty pallets will be separated into single one and sent to chain conveyor to ensure supply of empty pallets.

  1. Chain Conveyor for Empty Pallet

Empty pallets will be pushed to appropriate place by PLC control, waiting for convergence with products.

  1. Chain Conveyor of Elevating Table

Driven by motor, empty pallets will be moved under elevating table exactly.

After fully stacked with products, pallets will be output by conveyors.

  1. Outfeed chain conveyor

Pallets, piled with products are output. Whole process finishes.

III. Technical Parameter:

Ref. Description Unit Parameter Client Request
1 Model MD-01
2 Power kw 9
3 Packing Capability CTNS/min 15~25
4 Air Consumption l/min 500NL/min
5 Max. Tem. Of Enviroment 50
6 major motor sever para.
7 Motor Protected Grade >IP54 >IP54
8 Motor Insulated Grade F F
9 Noise


Db(A) <60Db Mark the testing method
10 Power Supply 380/50/3 380/50/3
11 Dimension mm L7300XW4100XH3300  









12 Weight kg 6500
13 Cabinet Cooling Mode Air Cooling Air Cooling
14 Electronic Component Original LG
15 Pneamatic Component Original PMC
16 Roller Material Zincification