January 26, 2021
January 26, 2021

MD-400Metal Detector

 MD400  Metal Detector


Main body

Host with belt conveyor without kick away , but can equipped with kick-way

This one equiped with kick away




1、Photograph technology , effectively suppress product effects.。
2、High-speed digital signal processing technology and intelligent algorithm , improve to increase detection accuracy and stability.。
3、It can detect iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminium  other metal alloys。
4、LCD screen display, Chinese and English menu screen, easy to achieve man-machine dialogue operation.
5、Intelligent self-learning function, can detect frozen food (such as dumplings, frozen fish), meat, rice, pickled products, etc.
6、It has memory function, supports storing parameters of different products, and can adapt to more product groups。
7、Simple and disassemblable frame for user cleaning。
8、Special design of conveyor belt to avoid side-running 。
9、High performance-price ratio and attractive price。
10、Made from stainless steel, the whole machine has excellent waterproof performance. Load weight-max 10Kg



it adopts the principle of electro magnetic induction and coils with alternating current to generate rapidly changing magnetic fields. This magnetic field can induce eddy current inside a metal object. The eddy current will produce a magnetic field, which in turn affects the original magnetic field and triggers the alarm of the detector.




Food industry (baking company, aquatic Company, meat company, vegetable and fruit processing enterprises, quick-freezing industry, food additives, flushing drinks, condiments, canned industry, leisure food, candy manufacturing enterprises, etc.)

Pharmaceutical industry (pharmaceutical industry, medical products, raw materials, finished products, etc.)

Plastic glass recycling industry (plastic recycling, glass recycling, etc.)

Sanitary articles (paper towels, wet urine, etc.)

Wood, Coal and Mining (Protection of Downstream Equipment)


tunnel size (mm) 400*100
Effective Passing Height (mm) 100
Effective Pass Width (mm) 400
detection sensitivity FE 0.8 SUS 1.5
Conveying mode Flat belt (belt width: 330mm)
Operating screen display Chinese or English
Direction of operation Face the screen, from left to right
Belt speed 10-25m/min (adjustable)
Detection mode electromagnetic induction
Alarm mode Belt stop and buzz alarm
power About 220W
Power Supply Single phase AC220V
weight 150kg
Material and Surface Treatment Polishing Treatment of Stainless Steel 304


Detect range

Recognizable Unrecognizable
A Iron A Plastics, Stones, Wood and Other Nonmetals
B  Non-ferrous Metals with Good Conductivity such as Gold, Silver and Copper B Content of Metal Elements
C Magnetic stainless steel C Types of  Metals




Machine Dimension






Product Name QTY Brand
Display 1 Shanghai Si Xian
 main Instruments 1 Texas  -America
Conveyor belt 1 European boat
motor 1 Ou Bang motor-china taiwan
Frame 1SET 304 stainless steel