KX03 Horizontal Case Erector
January 7, 2021
January 7, 2021

KX03H20 Case Erector


Technical Parameter


Model KX03H20
Packing Capacity  10-50 pcs per min
Applicable carton sizes L200-420 mm * W165-300mm * H230-400mm
Conveyor height 900mm Can be specialized
Air consumption              4-8kg/cm 2
Tape width               Bopp 40-70mm, choose one width
Power supply 220/380v , 1 ph /380v
Machine Size ²  3000L*1900W*1840H
Main part  
Hot melt glue ²  Nordson  Amercia
PLC   ²    Mitsubish  japan
HMI touchable screen ²  MCGS
air cylinder ²   Air tech
PHOTO EYE                  OMRON JAPAN
Processing switch Schneider France
Liner bearing ²   SHANGYIN
Lower power electric element ²   Schneider France



  • Snatch sucking and fold up,correction the carton corner, form the carton.
  • Compact design and simple assemble.  
  • Carton magazine, all sheet would be stacking by horizontal,fulfil the carton sheet any time, no need to stop machine in case affection the production line.
  • Big or small carton , could be placed in position.
  • Glue joint with clean,correct continuesiou joint, soft connection, suitable for multi dimention carton,easy handle.
  • Protectioned by glass door and Eye–safty proximity switch, when door open,machine would stop itself , so it is quite safe in use.
  • SUS304 Chains for carton magazine, oil less, reachs GMP Requirement.
  • Automatic have carton open form, bottom leaves sprayed with hot melt grue in average, with beautiful a appearance and save labor, widely used in automatic pack line system.
  • Compact design, simple installment, no vibration in running, stable and reliable.
  • Complete machine adopt withcamshraft continous system,run machine operation accurately.Form and sealing carton adopt AC Drive control, variable speed adjustable and effection improvable
  • Carton formming in auto, no folding mark
  • All Cartons sealed and formed unified standard as one,looks 10-14 cartons per min it seems to be equal to 5 workers’ hand working at the same time,and save the leading time, just take time in one sixth of hand working’s, reduced the labour strength,time, and production cost, increased with continuesious profits.