KX01 ZX01 FX05 Packing Line
January 7, 2021
KX03H20 Case Erector
January 7, 2021

KX03 Horizontal Case Erector

The machine can suck the carton , forming, bottom folding and tape sealing of the cartons.

The design of this machine is professional and precise, the whole machine adopts cam continuous system. The machine operation is stable and durable, breaking through the traditional design of tape device, which guarantees tight sealing effect and convenient adjustment. The excellent effect of tape sealing ensures smooth tape surface and avoids tape jumping.

Any self-adhesive tape can be used on this machine. The forming and sealing adopt stepless transmission control which can adjust speed randomly and save a lot of time. Operation and adjustment are simple and easy without the concern of damaging the cartons.

The cartons storage way is horizontal, empty cartons can be reloaded at any time.

There is an automatic alarm for reloading when cartons miss. This machine can equip hot melt adhesive machine for sealing.


*   Automatic have carton open form, bottom leaves sealed.

*   Folded grasping movement, automatic correct right angle, open the carton without any mistakes.

*  The cartons are stored as horizontal type in the carton storage, which is no need to stop the machine while adding more cartons.

*   Carton Supply magazine can take 70-80 pcs .

*   bottom sealed with Tape, clean, correct, light touch.

* Safety shield is made of carbon steel, aluminum alloy and engineering plastic, and meets the state standard.

*  Flap folding mechanism is made o f stainless steel with cylinder.

*  Carton pressing mechanism is made of macromolecule engineering plastic and chrome plated spring and carbon steel with coated surface.

*  Cardboard is unfolded with the plate sucking device under the control cylinder.

*  Bottom folding of the carton is finished with folding mechanism under the control cylinder.

Carton stacking and formed like this

tape width 45-60mm max.



 Technical parameter

Model KX03
Carton Size   L*W*H(mm):  180x100x80mm and 200x150x100mm
Table height  850mm
Working Speed 20ctns /minute
Power 220/380v Single Phase, 50/60 Hz, Or specialized
Pneumatic 5-6kg / C㎡ 150 NL/Min
Tape Width 45-60(Alternative Use)
Weight 500kg
Machine Dimension (L)1858(W)920(H)1535 mm
Package dimension 2200mm*1120mm*1880mm


Electrical part:

–1.PLC: Siemens, Germany
–2.Inverter: Mitsubishi; Japan
–3. lower voltage  Schneider France
–4. Main motor: Dongyuan, China
–5. Human machine interface: MCGS, China
–6. Photoelectric switch: Bonner, America
–7.  Cylinder: airtech, Taiwan,China
–8.  Suction cup: FESTO;Germany

The machine need to connect the air . we just offer the packing machine , and you must have the equipment of air source at site.