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January 7, 2021
KX01 ZX01 FX05 Packing Line
January 7, 2021

KX01+05 Hot Melt Glue Case Erector And Sealing Machine


Function :

The carton sheets on the carton magazine, will be packed into carton by carton complete opened. Machine automatic open the carton , fold the ear flaps,and spray the hotmelt glue on the bottom flaps , and then compress fold another two flaps, then arrange the air cylinder to compress from inside the carton , then feed out the empty and formed cartons one by one. In this case, the bopp scotch taps is instead by the holtmet glue.

the machine is used for some soft drinks, and chemical bottles, beer, and so on , for all kinds of cartons overy 10 kg per cartons.


The bottom sprayed with four lines of glue at the bottom carton .

Carton erector details


Adopt the Nordson hot melt glue system to connect with case erector .

hot melt glue-system, Glue point with clean,correct continuous joint onto carton bottom, soft connection, suitable for multi dimentions cartons,easy handle. But you need to adjust each size by handle .

The spray head with four mouths.
the different carton sizes, we need to make the small adjustment of spray mouth’s position.





1.The machine works very consistency under catching carton— moulding -spray the glue—closing the cartons–feeding out .
2.it is convenience and swift in operation ,For different specification of the carton, we can adjust the Handle to make sure it works suitable and efficiency

3.Available for all kinds of hard carton

*   Automatic have carton open folded flaps, bottom sealed and feed out.

*  Folded grasping movement, automatic correct right angle, open the carton without any mistakes

*   Compact design, simple installment

*   Carton Supply device: Suitable for different sizes, place the cartons in line and order

*   bottom sealed with hot melt glue, clean, correct, light touch.

*   Supply chains are of SUS304, Oil-less, qualified GMP

*Safety shield is made of carbon steel, aluminum alloy and engineering plastic, and meets the state standard.

*Cap folding mechanism is made of stainless steel with cylinder.

*Carton pressing mechanism is made of macromolecule engineering plastic and chrome plated spring and carbon steel with coated surface.

*Cardboard is unfolded with the plate sucking device under the control cylinder.

*Bottom folding of the carton is finished with folding mechanism under the control cylinder.



 Technical parameter


 Machine Dimension 2000mm×2030mm×1700mm
Carton Size  (Length 250-400x width 200-400 x height 150-350mm)  **
Table Height 650±50mm
Working Speed 4-8 ctns/minute
Power 220/380v Single Phase, 50/60 Hz, Or Specified By Client
Pneumatic 5-6kg / C㎡ 150 NL/Min
Weight 360kg