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January 8, 2021
Packer Sealer
January 11, 2021

KX01 ZX01 FX05 Case Packer System

Case packer system is to help the customer in packaging area, to pack the products into carton, and stack onto pallets.


  1. Carton erector machine


Carton erector is the machine which can form the carton sheets to be cartons ,  automatically open the carton, fold the bottom flaps, and bottom sealed with tape or hot melt glue.

adopts P.L.C and touch screen control.
Also called case erector.

Packing speed can be 0-50 cartons per min accord the site requirement.

Site supply 220-380 v , 50/60hz.

  1. Case packer
    products dispenser system
    this machine is designed for case packer , before case packer, the machine helps to devide the bottles,cans, boxes,drums into row by row, so the case packer can pick up the products or pack them into cartons .

Case packer is an intelligent packing machine which a kind of automatic packing machine, high speed dispensing device packaging containers, packaging plastic bottle, irregular shaped bottles, glass bottles of various sizes, round bottle, square bottle, oval cans and paper cans, also suitable for packing box with a baffle. The bottle holder (inside rubber, to prevent damage to the bottle), placed in the opened carton, when catching their heads up, cartons will be discharged and send to the packing machine. The machine adopts P.L.C and touch screen control. With bottle alarm shutdown which we call “no bottle no filling safety device”. The assembly line is easy to operate, manage, reduce production personnel and labor intensity means an essential equipment for automated scale production.


  1. Automatic folding and sealing machine:



  1.  Carton top sheets automatically folded, fast flat pressure, not angle.
  2.  Driven by side drive, heavy load, easy to operate
  3.  Change the specification, the adjustment time is 1 minutes
  4.  Using Taiwan CE certification brand motors, with a total power of 360 W, 24 hours continuous production without trouble.
  5.  The key parts are made of fetal mold and laser cutting.
  6.  Adjustable screw is made of CNC lathe.
  7.  Standard machines, parts are available at any time.
  8.  Can be customized according to user requirements non-standard.


  1. Servo palletizer

YF series palletizers are designed for bags and cartons and drums, used for food and beverage, chemical industry, etc.;
the machine stack the cartons or bags, and drums onto the empty pallet.

The machine is moving by servo motor. PLC Control.

This machine is for small volume of output, normally 1-6 cartons or bags per min .


Among each machine , there are many conveyors, we do equip the conveyor too.

If you require for fast speed, you pls contact us , and send us the details.