KL520 Weighing Bag Filling Machine
January 14, 2021
KL-F520 Bag Filling Machine for Powder
January 14, 2021

KL-F420 Bag Filling Machine for Powder



It is suitable for packing power and granule material such as milk tea, Medicine, solid beverage, sugar, grape

sugar, coffee, feedstuff, solid medicine, powder type additive, and dye, etc.

2.Main performance and functional characteristics

  1. Equipped with safety protection, comply with international safety management requirements.
  2. Use intelligent temperature controller to have accurate temperature, which ensures the artistic and neat seal.
  3. Use PLC Servo System and pneumatic control system and super touch screen to compose the drive control center which maximize the whole machine’s control precision ,reliability and intelligentize level.
  4. Touch screen can store the technical parameters of various kinds of products ,it is unnecessary to reset while products changing.
  5. With error indicating system , which help to handle the trouble immediately.
  6. Make pillow bags and hanging bags in terms of customers’ different requirements.

Model  KL-F420




model KL-F520

Technical parameter

 Model KL-F420
Measure method Screw quantitative
Making bag size (L)60-300mm,(W)60-200mm
Filling weight 10-5000g
Packaging Accuracy ≤1%
Packaging speed 25-60bag /min
Power supply Three phase 380/220V 50-60Hz / 6kw
Pressure 6-8 kg/cm2 0.5m3/min
weight 700kg
Dimension (mm) 1300×1500×2600mm