HS800A Horizontal Wrapping Machine
January 12, 2021
January 13, 2021


The conveyor roller will be covered by rubber. , if so, the price will be double cost of conveyor .

Before the wrapping machine , we suggest , that bundle must be strapped before enter into this machine.

The conveyor roller will be covered by rubber. , if so, the price will be double cost of conveyor .

Before the wrapping machine , we suggest , that bundle must be strapped before enter into this machine.


Horizontal wrapper wraps products with long shapes. We Focus on packaging machine for 16-17 years. Machines were exported to other 60 countries ,well popular use and good quality machine , 100+ professional staffs in our factory, oversea after sales service support available .


                                 Quotation in USD

Description Artical no. Qty Unit price Amount  USD remark
Horizontal wrapper

Ring circle 800 mm diameter

HS800 1set 6800 6800.00 USD With auto film cut and attach,cut
In- feeding conveyor,power roller

Weight capacity 100-500kg, 3meter per conveyor length

YK-SS 2 sets 2200 4400.00.00 USD 3meter length
out feeding conveyor , free roller

76mm diameter with cover

Weight capacity 100-500kg  3 meter per conveyor length

YK-SS 2sets 2200 4400.00.00 USD 3meter length
Control system , export wooden crate ,and local charge for local   1 set 1200.00 1200.00 USD  
With rubber cover is use to protect our products
Total amount         16800 USD
The above price includes manufacture and design, and send to port, without any installation cost , leading time is 45 days.  Installation cost will be 150 usd per day , an d all the cost cause by installation , at buyer s expense.



  • Working mode choices: stretch film or some time Kraft paper
  • Self adjusting pneumatic top pressure rollers for stabilizing the
  • Side rollers manually
  • Dual carriages: for stretch film and Kraft Consumable apply & cut by manually.
  • Film tension applied to the load could be
  • Programmable PLC multi wrap
  • Possibility to program the film
  • Powered in & out feed conveyor speed variable (for motorized conveyor)


Technical Parameter with Specifications

1. Specification of products wrapping
Wrapping width and height 450mm *400mm

Wrapping length




Max. wrapping weight


500 kg

2. Wrapping material: stretch film or Kraft paper

Fixed spec. of stretch film


LLDPE stretch film


Thickness of film




Width of film


250mm (fixed spec.)


Inner roll diameter




Max. outer roll diameter



Over wrap length:




Machine info:  

Ring  diameter



Ring run speed 27-70r/min
Conveyor speed 10-12m/min
Conveyor width 600mm
Conveyor height 800mm
motor power  



Power supply


220V, 50HZ


Machine weight




Machine steel material


Q235 profile


Shields, safety barriers


White color , RAL7035

3 Top press unit  

fix and press the goods, pneumatic arm compressure system


Air cylinder



Film carriage
4. Control system                      1 set

PLC programmable control


Manual and automatic  start machine, free to operate the switch


Touch screen operation, digital parameter setting, automatic fault diagnosis


Driving motor speed frequency adjustable


Photoelectric switch, automatic sensing the height of the goods


Unique program control, can make the pipe closed horizontal wrapping


top pressure Pneumatic arm on the infeed and outfeed


Manually adjustable infeed and outfeed side guides


Film carriage friction brake system


safety device to protect the operators


Ring sizes, ring speeds, additional conveyor and conveyor types optional


The top press system .


Film auto cut and tie system.


Operation Processing:

The Aluminium profile will be placed on conveyor,and tie the film tail onto the profiles,and the  manual start on the control cabinet panel,  machine start to  wrap film automatically when finished jobs,   wrapping machine automatically stop, another bundle come, and machine automatically starts.



 Main Parts

No. Name Brands
1 PLC Far-tech
2 Inverter Far-tech
3 Photo eye switch BIDUKE
4 Proximity switch Yangming
6 Operation button Schneider
7 Position switch Schneider
8 Electric control cabinet  
9 Operation screen  

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Export to Tailand.



Export to Indonesia.




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