January 13, 2021
HS2000 Horizontal Wrapper
January 13, 2021

HS1800 Door Window and Boards, Furnitures Wrapping Machine


YF  Series wrapper wraps products that fit for Door window and boards,furnitures. The machine could be widely used in the exterior wrapping of cliled articles such as steel belt, bronze belt, wire material, rubber tube, bearing, electric wire cable & etc. Film provides extra support while the products are being transported & storaged to protect them from tip, spill or from being damaged. Additionally , wrapped loads can easily be separated and identified.


Excellent collections. Well-known brands are adopted for main components.

PLC & HMI are adopted.

Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown in Chinese.

Simple operation by imputing OD. ID. & width of coiled metal. Other parameters will be set automatically.

The converter is adopted to adjust the overlap rate of wrapping tape according to the requirements.

Wrapping tape tension can be adjusted automatically.


We offers a wide variety of options to meet your specific requirements. Each applications is evaluated to provide the right solution to your needs


Technical Parameter:

Ring inside dia. 1800  mm
Ring rotation speed 0-30 rpm (max)
Max wrapping size Length1000 – 3000mm, Width1250mm,Height 600 mm
Max wrapping weight 200 kg
Pneumatic system 0.4-0.6Mpa ,20NL/min
Power 380v,3kw,50-60HZ
Packing Ability: 30 pieces/HR
Rotary Ability:  0~30m/min,Rotating speed adjustable,controlled by frequency changer
Power 3KW(with conveyor system)
Packing Material LLDPE Film
width 90-160-250mm,
Coil diameter φ260mm
inner coil dia., φ76.2mm
Thickness 0.023mm~0.050mm
Film Packed Thickness 0~250mm,adjustable
Conveying System :
Conveyor height 760mm,height should be over 700mm
Conveyor Width 1400mm
Roller Diameter Φ55mm,distance 90mm
Conveying Speed 0~13meter/min,adjustable


performance and feature:

Powered conveyor system,cylinder control to clamp the packed the product  ;

Mechanical arm matched with brake motor to en-longevity the equipment;

With adjustable tight film carriage,film clamp device easily in use.

Infeed and outfeed product photocells detection during running process automatically ,

Omron PLC Control system;

Film packing layers、times adjustable(Cycle pause capability;)

Pneumatic grab,attach and cut the film tails automatically

Pneumatic infeed and outfeed top pressure unit

Manually adjustable infeed and outfeed side guides

Film carriage friction brake system

Door safety device to protect the operators (optional)

Ring sizes, ring speeds, additional conveyor and conveyor types optional

Third   Component List Annexed

Main Parts Lists

1 Main Machine

1.1  gear wheel reduction motor (main drive of cirque parts)     ( Taiwan ) CPG

1.2  cam gear motor drive of conveyor system                 ( china ) TY

1.3  GB1243.1-83    infeed & outfeed chains  08B-1          ( china )

1.4   6202              bearing                           ( china )

1.5   6203              bearing                           ( china )

1.6   6213              bearing                            ( china )

1.7   UCP215(202)   out sphere bearing                    ( china )

1.8   628-2Z             bearing                            ( china )


2  electric component


2.1  PLC host machine                             OMRON             (Japan)

2.2  host conveyor system frequency changer 1.1kw     PANASONIC           (Japan)

2.3  conveyor system frequency changer  0.4kw     PANASONIC             (Japan)

2.4   proximity switch                                  OMRON          (Japan)

2.5  photoelectricity switch                         OMRON            (Japan)

2.6  AC Connection                            SCHNEIDER          (France)

2.7  limit switch                               SCHNEIDER           (France)

2.8  control button                             SCHNEIDER          (France)

2.9  emergency button                          SCHNEIDER           (France)

2.10  alarm                                    SCHNEIDER          (France)


3. Equipment main material

3.1  sprocket wheel                      45#( heat treatment)

3.2  principal axis                        45#(modify disposal quality)

3.3  equip frame                         Q235-A

3.4  equip frame size:                   150×150,5mm thickness.