January 13, 2021
HS1800 Door Window and Boards, Furnitures Wrapping Machine
January 13, 2021





Technical Scheme

  1. YF-HS1500 Horizontal wrapper


YF Series Stretch wrapping machines are used to wrap stretch film for door , alunium,board,pipe,steel . Film provides extra support while the products are being transported & storage to protect them from tip, spill or from being damaged. Additionally, wrapped loads can easily be separated and identified.

Horizontal wrapper wraps products that require banding, compression or extra packing for shipment. It has a proven record of success in many industries such as profiled product, tubular product and plank stuff etc. We offer a wide variety of options to meet your specific requirements. Each application is evaluated to provide the right solution to your needs.


Like the products , solar board. wrapping solar power plate.

– Plate size: 1941mm length x 1023mm width x 86mm height

– Weight: 29 kg

We can’t make the compressure on the top, but we can compress on the two sides .


In feeding

Sensor detect the products , and conveyor start running ,  when the solar board close to the ring circle, sensor detect it and ring start to run .


So we left the signal or conveyor give the signal to our host machine.


Out feeding detect the goods, and compresure come to the solar board. And when the solar board finished wrapping, the ring circle stopped ,and film cut arm stretch out, and take the film tail and cut the film tail. Then sensor on second position send the signal to the host machine and infeeding conveyor, let the waiting product get in .


Sensor detect the solar board outfeeding ,then the compressure hold the solar board.

regard the machine. ,all the compressure is not from yuanxu , not from us .


And conveyor is not from our company .


  1. Technical Parameter
Ring inside dia. 1500mm
Packing Dimension: 1941mm length x 1023mm width x 86mm height
Ring Cycle speed 0-30  rpm (max)
Power 220v, ,50-60HZ 1ph
Packing Ability: 40 pieces/HR
Max loading weight 300KG
Power 2 KW(without conveyor system)
Packing Material stretch film, Two film carriages
Film/tape width 200 mm,
Coil external diameter Φ180mm
Coil internal diameter., Φ50-76.2mm choose one size .
Thickness 0.0200mm~0.050mm
Weight of per roll Max 2.2kg/roll
Belt Conveyor 2000mm length width 1350mm height 900mm
Power 220v,1.5kwa,50-60HZ


  1. Performance and feature


Mechanical arm matched with brake motor to en-longevity the equipment;

With adjustable tight film carriage, film clamp device easily in use

Infeed and outfeed product photocells detection during running process automatically,

Delta PLC Control system;

Film packing layers, times adjustable(Cycle pause capability;)

Manually adjustable infeed and outfeed side guides and belt driving system;

Film carriage friction brake system;

Door safety device to protect the operators;

Ring sizes, ring speeds, additional conveyor and conveyor types optional

The conveyor belongs to heavy duty type that loads up to 500kg approximately.

The machine is possible used for long working time.

Machine Dimension: approximately  5.2M X 1.85MX 2.45M (LXWXH),

the machine dimension just for refers.


  1. Component List Annexed


electric component


  1. PLC host machine    SIEMENSE                 (GERMANY)
  2. Proximity switch   OMRON                   (Japan)
  3. Photo electricity switch. OMRON                  (Japan)
  4. Limit switch SCHNEIDER                (France)
  5. Control button SCHNEIDER              (France)
  6. Emergency button SCHNEIDER              (France)
  7. Alarm SCHNEIDER               (France)
  8. Cylinder Airtech                  China Taiwan
  9. Inverter DELTA                 China Taiwan


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