GZ-01 Empty Pallets Feeding System
January 25, 2021
MD01 Carton And Bag Palletizing Machine
January 25, 2021

GZ02 Pallet Feeding System

All painting part will be in SUS304 , And chain in SUS 304


Our Pallet feeding system stack or dispense wood pallets, plastic pallets, performing quickly an deficiently while avoiding employee injury.


1.Empty Pallets Supplying Device
Driven by cylinder, piled empty pallets will be separated into single one and sent to chain conveyor to ensure supply of empty pallets.
2. Chain Conveyor for Empty Pallet
Empty pallets will be pushed to appropriate place by PLC control, waiting for convergence with products.
3. Chain Conveyor of Elevating Table
Driven by motor, empty pallets will be moved under elevating table exactly.



Pallet size: L1012.80*W1216*H150mm

Magzine quantity: 10 empty pallet

Supply capability :20-100 pallet per hour (adjustable according to the actual demands)

Power supply:1.0 kw,220v,50/60hz.

Conveyor price it is not include in this offer, but we can put the machine with full automatic palletizng machine for automatic use.

After fully stacked with products, pallets will be output by conveyors.


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