GH-3015L SF-6040E Shrink Wrapping Machine
January 27, 2021
January 27, 2021

GPL-5545C_GPS-5030 Automatic Side Sealing and Shrinking Machine

  Automatic Side Sealing and Shrinking Machine




The machine is used to pack the boxes or packages with pof or pe film.

l  According to customers’ different demands in domestic market, this machine is designed into a medium speed sealing machine based on high-speed side sealing machine.

l  It adopts the photoelectricity to automatically detect the products, and realizes the function of unmanned automatic packaging with high working efficiency.

l  The machine is suitable for packing all kinds of products with different sizes and shapes.

l  It is widely applied in mass production industries like aluminum, water pipes, printing, photo albums, electronics, daily chemicals, cosmetics, etc.


l  Imported parts are adopted to ensure the machine’s stable running with high speed;

l  The cutter adopts vertical system drive to ensure sealing lines straight and tight;

l  With the design of side sealing, the packing length of products is unlimited;

l  The sealing height can be adjusted based on the product height;

l  Widely used in all kinds of products with different sizes and shapes;

l  High packing speed, up to 40 pcs/min at maximum.


Technical parameter
Model  GPL-5545C GPS-5030
 Max. packing size unlimited*300*150 1000 × 450 × 250mm
 Product W+H/Tunnel size W+H ≤ 430mm 1500*500*300mm
 Packing speed 20-50pcs/min 20-50pcs/min
  Net weight 380kg 250kg
  Power 5.5kw 12kw
  Power supply 3 phase 220V/380V 50/60Hz 3 phase380V 50/60Hz
  Air pressure 5.5kg/cm3  
   Film type POF, PE POF, PE
 Machine dimension 1615 × 835 × 1470mm 1600 × 770 × 1505mm
1 PLC: Omron  2 Photo electricity switch and relay: Omron  3 Inverter: Omron

4 Motor: CPG (Taiwan), V.T.V  5 Pneumatic: Festo SMC, AIRTAK

6 Temperature controller: Omron