Fully Automatic Cold Stretch Holding Machine
January 27, 2021
GH-3015L SF-6040E Shrink Wrapping Machine
January 27, 2021


Both square and round products can be shrink packed by the machine.

 The diameter refers to the width of the packing size.





  • GH-3015H is a fully-auto side sealer , which is widely used in mass production assembly line with auto-feeding, conveying, sealing, shrinking in one time. It is high working efficiency and suits for the products of different height and width;
  • The horizontal blade of sealing part adopts vertical driving, while the vertical cutter uses international advanced thermostatic side cutter; The sealing line is straight and strong and we can guarantee seal line in the middle of the product to achieve perfect sealing effect;
  • When it packs different sizes, the adjustment is very simple by rotating the hand wheel to increase the reliability;
  • The machine adopts the most advanced Schneider PLC programmable controller, with safety protection and alarm devices, while the sealing system can have a continuous sealing order without replacement; Maintenance is very simple;
  • Feeding length controls through a combination of electric eye detection and time relay to control precise film length that makes it easier to control the contraction effect;
  • Two groups of horizontal and vertical electric eyes are easy to switch for thin or small packages which can easily complete sealing packaging operations;
  • Automatic rolling waste material : Using a separate motor to control which is not too loose or too tight to crack and is easy to remove the waste;
  • It has automatic blowing function;
  • Front in feeding power conveyor and back non-power storage table can be selected as your demands.

 Technical Parameter

Model              GH-3015L GP-4535
Power 1.8kw 16.6KW
Power Supply AC 380/220V 3PH 50/60Hz AC 380V/ 3PH /60Hz
Max Packing Sizes L×W×H L(unlimited)×W300×H150 1000×300×200mm
Tunnel Size L×W×H / 1500×450×350mm
Sealing Blade Length 490mm
Packing Speed 15m/min. 0-15m/min
External Air Source 6-8kg/cm2
Shrink Film PE/POF POF
Machine Size L×W×H 1615×960×1550mm 2500×800×1520mm
Packaging Size L×W×H 1700×950×1700mm 1350×850×1670mm
G./N. Weight 450kgs 400kgs
Quotation 12000 usd 3000 usd
Special Enter Conveyor for feeding 1.5 meter(motor drive) 900 usd
Special Middle conveyor between 2machines1.5 meter (motor drive) 900usd
After shrink tunnel free roller 200 usd
Wooden crate and local charge 500.00 usd



Sealing Part
Item Name Brand Remarks
Sensor Banner   U.S.A
Solid Relay Aole   Taiwan
Cylinder AIRTAC   Taiwan
Solenoid Valve AIRTAC   Taiwan
Reducing Motor GPG   Taiwan
PLC Omron   Japan
All Switches Siemens   Germany
Heating Elements Home-made   China
Cutter Home-made   China
















Shrink Tunnel
Item Name Brand Remarks
Solid Relay Aole   Taiwan
Reducing Motor GPG   Taiwan
Recycling Motor Surfon   Taiwan
Temperature Controller Autonics   Korea
Frequency Inverter Schneider   France
All Switches Siemens   Germany
Insulation Aluminum Silicate 5cm thickness
Intermediate Relay Siemens   Germany

Both square and round products can be shrink packed by the machine.

The diameter refers to the width of the packing size.


Warranty: 1 years. Within one year, we will replace the spare parts which are non-man made damage except the wearing parts.

But the customer should bear the express charge. After the guarantee, we will offer the spare parts at EXW price and we will

supply lifelong consulting services.