FX-5050Q Carton Sealing Machine
January 6, 2021
KF01+FX05 Vertical Model Of Case Erector
January 6, 2021

FX5050Q2 Full automatic carton sealing machine

This carton sealing machine is used to automatically fold and seal cartons.
The main difference of this model: this model can automatically seal different sizes of cartons at the same time, and the machine will adjust the height and width automatically.
It can seal both the top and the bottom of a carton, of either of them, with tapes or melted glue.
Typically, the minor corrugated carton flaps are kicked and plowed to close, when the carton is transferred.   As the carton enters the press section, the major flaps of the carton are closed and taping is applied.

carton sealing machine is widely used in production line , It has the sensor detector to meet different size of carton itself.  So, it is popular one in modern requests.



it can adjust the machine automatically ,and sealed the bottom and top full automaticall.

The tape rolls can be 48 mm – 60 mm and 70mm wide tapes


300-400 cartons per hour for packing speed


from 48-70 mm width, you just tell us the tape width for this machine you need .

48/50/55/60/70 mm  width ,  any how ,before order you have to tell me about the tape width.

Machine seals top of carton and bottom of carton is same process at same while


Without setting height and  width,, but it can meet different size automatically



Model no. YK05Q
Power supply 220V 50HZ
Power 240W
Conveyor speed            0-20m/min
Tape size W48mm 60mm 70mm  — you need tell one size, one machine one tape width
Machine dimension L2270*W1050*H1550mm
Machine weight 290kg
Number Code SIZE (mm)  
1 DECATHLON 200X200X300  
2 JARTAZI 580X380X300  
3 GLORIAJEAN 600X400X400  
4 HANSE 470X270X310  
5 KAPPA 600X400X400  
6 PUMA 400X200X100  
7 HADDAD 355X279X178