FL -5545 Side Sealing Machine
January 27, 2021
January 27, 2021

Fully Automatic Cold Stretch Holding Machine


  • The max production capacity is about 60 pallets per hour(according to the pallet’s height, the capacity may have slightly differences);
  • The film which is sealed on the top becomes the bag and it is effectively waterproof;
  • The products which are packaged together by the film in the pallets are very suitable for transportation. And it can effectively prevent product shedding;
  • The products on the pallets which will take away only by cut the stretch hood film, so it can reduce the risk of theft;
  • For 0.08-0.18mm thickness PE stretch hood film;
  • Cold stretch hood film doesn’t need heat energy. So it is very eco-friendly and keep your products away from fire and explosion;
  • The machine contains the protection feature from the shrink wrap film and the economic of the shrink wrap machine;
  • The machine can be designed according to your requirements;
  • Double heats design makes the machine can choose the optimum film according to the sizes of the pallets automatically;
  • It is a circulation operation process of stretching and hooding in the cold stretch hood machine;
  • The modular design is very stable and solid and suitable for continuous working;
  • The stretch hood film can protect the products away from water and dust;
  • The transparency of the stretch hood film is higher than traditional PE film; you can see the bar code and trademark very clearly. So the advertisements and the exhibition value can be completely showed;
  • The upright packing power is strong; when the product leans, it also can keep standing;
  • The package material is environmental and recyclable.
  • Easy servicing: with the power you will have easy access to all over servicing, Which is reduced to a few quick tasks, special for the unique feature of lowering the top of the machine down to floor level for even easier, faster and safer service and maintenance. Film replacement and changing of sealing wire and film knife all take place at floor lever. No need to climb a ladder with a toolbox on your back to the top of the machine- the top will come down to you.
  • Energy saving: Sustainability and environment are at the forefront of the global debate today and we as packaging professionals have faced the challenge of taking practical steps to deliver more environmentally friendly packaging solutions.
  • Space saving: Space is often at a premium in today’s production, and the small footprint in the packing area. The machine is small that is as elegant as it is functional. We are talking about a machine. Small in sizes but huge in effect, specially designed for operating efficiency and reliability with energy-saving features
  • Film saving: The top stretch film unwinding feature saves up to 10% film and ensures low film consumption, which also eliminates thin and fragile film on the corners of the load, making the film on the corners approx.30% thicker than normally.
  • Stretch hood technology offers significant benefits when compared to other types of pallet wrapping methods- from potential cost savings through reduced film and energy consumptions over material handling convenience to product display opportunities and improved marketability
  • Stretch hood equals 5 sides protection with reduced risk of product damage due to soiling and weather inferences as well as strains to which the products are exposed during transport and storage.

Technical Parameters

Power 6.5KW
Power Supply AC 380V 3PH 50HZ
Max. Package Size L×W×H 1200×1200×1500mm
Packing Speed 50-60 pallets/hour
Load Weight 10000kgs
Table Height 750±50mm
Applicable Film PE stretch hood film
Machine Size L×W×H 4710×2248×3180mm
Package Size L×W×H 5000×2300×1500mm
Gross Weight 2500kgs


Cylinder SMC Japan
Motor SEW Germany
PLC Schneider France
Touch Screen Schneider France
Relay SIEMENS Germany
Hydraulic Cylinder Dashan China
Frequency Inverter Schneider France
Contactor Schneider France

750000.00 RMB 出厂价格不含税不含运费和国外安装调试。




[PALLET SIZE:W800*L1200*H2300mm, 5 strips, PP strip:13mm]



Feature: (Horhorizontal automatic strapping machine for pallets)


It allows to strip large pallet loads by means of straps made in polypropylene or polyester. Possibility to insert a pressing device for compacting palletised loads. Useful system, simple and easy to program. available for the automatic and semiautomatic operation.

  • Designed and manufactured using highest quality components.
  • Different strapping heights easy to set by pressing a button while the machine is in the desired position. Ten different programs available with ten different strapping heights for each.
  • Remote control available.
  • Warning light system.
  • Compression system in the arch compacts load and guides the strap to the correct position.
  • Mechanical tension adjustable through a holding strap system to get the highest tension.
  • Yuanxupack model YK-SP head set in aluminium ensures long life of the machine.
  • Approximate production 20-40 pallets per hour.
  • Security system under the arch. If the machine contacts anything while moving down to the ready position, it immediately stops and returns to home

.The machine keep good performance even running in an execrable enviroment, beautiful and compact design deserved many reputation.

.The very function by adjusting hot iron delay time to enfastness the joint.


Model YK-SP
strap Pallet loads applicable, Appliance Applicable
dimension  L2780mm x W2110mm x H2500mm unusual request could be solved
weight 480kg
PP   strip Width: 12,13 ,15mm
Power 2 KVA
Volt. SIN. PH—220V(50Hz/60Hz)THREE PH.—220V/380V/400V/440V(50Hz/60Hz)
Package size Min.350W X 500H mm, Max.1200W X 2000H mm unusual request could be solved
Pack table unusual request could be solved
Arch Size L(1250mm)*W(1250mm)x H(2000mm) unusual request could be solved
Applicable arch length+weighth>2000mm, length+weighth<2000mm
application Large package,such as pallet loads and appliance



² Equipment Material

1.Machine Shell Iron Board  2 Control Bracket :Alumanium  3 Mechinical Cut: Cast Iron   4 Cut Alloy: Steel  5 Strapway Folder : Stainless Steel  6 Strapway  Stainless Steel

7 Strapway :Alumanium  8 Tension Adjust Cam : Cast Iron 9. Infeeding Cam , Alloy Steel

² Main Reference and Parts

Description Refer
Artical Model YK-SP
Arch Size L1200 *W800mm
Machine Size L2780mm x W2110mm x H2700mm
Stripping way Sensor Detect or Turn on/off
Stripping Capability 9 sec / pallet
Strips Per Carton 0,1-5 Strips could be optional
Heater Joint length 25mm
Core machine Original DSI (Aluminium Set ) (KOREA)
Photo electric OMRON (JAPAN)
Motor M1 M2 M3 CPG (Taiwan)
Approach switch Auto nics (KOREA)
Operation Switch Schneider (France )
AC Connect LG (KOREA)
Operation on panel Tank (Taiwan)


1 Horizontal Strapping Machine for pallet loads YK-SP  $ 23,080.00 1 sets $23,080.00
6 Total Amount $23,080.00
Notes: FOB SHANGHAI (Without VAT.)
Validity of the quotation: 15 Days
Packaging: Wooden package
Terms of payment: TT
Sample time: No Offer
Production time of the order: 45 Days after down payment arrival
Shipping time: In 7 days after full payment arrival


Payment Schedule :

1.50% of the total Contract value by T/T pay to the seller after the contract is signed and received in original by the Buyer.

  1. 50% of the total Contract value by T/T pay to the seller before shipment.
  2. The Buyer will inspect these machines on the Seller factory before shipment. The expenditure of inspector will be pay by the Buyer.

Warranty period

It is 12 months since the using of date. This warranty expires if the customer or third party carries out inappropriate modification or unjustify repair works.

Technical Training

The technical training of the personnel of Buyer shall be carried out in the factory of the Seller free by the Seller, assuring the personnel of the Buyer can operate the equipment skillfully and do the daily maintenance as well as solve simple malfunctions. During the technical training period, the Buyer shall bear the expenses and cost of traveling, boarding, salary etc. of the technical persons of the Buyer.


The buyer should install the machine by themselves, the Seller also can arrange some technicians for the commissioning work., well the costs will be borne by the Buyer which includes round-trip airfare, food, hotel accommodation, transport and allowance of USD50.00 per person per day starting from the date of arrival of the technicians at buyer’s factory to the date of completion of the commissioning of the machine.