BTH-700+BM-700L Fully-Auto Side Sealer & Shrink Tunnel
January 27, 2021
Fully Automatic Cold Stretch Holding Machine
January 27, 2021

FL -5545 Side Sealing Machine

Technical Parameter:

  • FL-5545TBC Full-Automatic Economic Cost Sealing Machine

Machine Dimension(mm):L1680*W975*H1500

Power Supply:3ф 380V  50HZ  1.8kw



  • Equipment Elements:
  • FL-5545TBC Full-Automatic Economic Cost Sealing Machine
System Part Name Parameter Description
Sealing System Heater Using stainless steel heater.
  Seal Knife Using Anti-stick heat resistance alloy sealing knife, and surface of sealing knife be coated Teflon non-stick film.
  Knife temperature control Using OMRON digital temperature sensor and thermal control 0-400℃adjustable
  Sealing Size Width and height can be adjusted manually
  Sealing Knife Protection Using“SICK”,to protect product be cut incorrectly
Feed System Belt “SIEGLING”Belt
  Motor “TPG”,Feed stability
  Sensor “BANNER”,Properly Quickly detect product in time.
Recovery System Motor “TPG”,
  Sensor Switch “SICK”,Correctly control recovery time.
Feed Film system Motor “TPG”,
  Sensor Switch “SICK”,Correctly control length of film be feed
Contactor “SCHNEIDER”
Relay “OMRON”
Temperature Controller “OMRON”
Emergency “EATON”
Button Switch “EATON”
Hole Maker Stainless steel hole maker can make air exhaust
Construct Material Carbon Steel,key part be made up with stainless steel and aluminum profile.



SM-5030 Shrink Tunnel

System Description
Heating System Heater Using stainless steel.
control temperature surface Using high-temperature rock wool material.can reduce temperature escaped
Temperature control “AUTONICS”temperature controller,0——200℃adjustable
Feed System Motor “JWD”
Wind Running System Special Design Wind Running system, product detects temperature evenly
Control System Emergency “MOELLER”
Machine Constructure outside of board Carbon steel board by bending and plastic spraying handle
Inside of board Using Hydraulic galvanized sheet



► Vertical driver cross seal bar and advanced constant temperature side seal blade,straight and solid sealing line always at middle of product makes perfect sealing effect.

► Constant hot sealing system worktable with POF and others standard shrink film.

► Simple hand wheel adjust packing size for different product dimension,easier operation but more reliable

► Continuous side seal without product product length limit

► Most advanced PLC program controller equipped with safety and alarm devices,smooth and continuous side seal action without manual repeat job,very simple maintain operation.

► Photocells detection work with timer controls feeding and release film length accurately,make shrink shrink effect easily easily controllable.

► Two switchchover photocells horizontally and vertically,finish seal packagingeasy for small or thinner product.

► Independent motor controls waste film rewind not loose and not too tight,easy take waste film out.

►Able to increase air blow function demands.

►Optional Powered feeder and non powered storage table for requirements.