Box Packing Machine
January 14, 2021
KL420 Weighing Bag Filling Machine
January 14, 2021


The machine is of Manual operation filling machine


Scope of Application

Suitable for filling liquid dairy product, juice, milk, milk beverage, cream, yogurt, mineral water, soy milk, wine, cleaning solution, chemical product, granular, dry powder, alcoholic beverages, condiments, daily chemicals, chemicals but none Carbonated drink and so on . but Carbonated drinks are not allowed.Carbonated drinks should not be packed in boxes.

The equipment belongs to manual operation equipment, small occupation , low energy consumption, simple operation, easy maintenance, more important is of cheap cost, it is the ideal equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises to produce juice, milk, milk beverage, cream, yogurt, mineral water, soy milk, tea beverage, seasoning, wine, cleaning solution, chemical product, granular, dry powder. The machine is 95% in SUS 304 Material. The whole filling process is completed in aseptic environment.our boxes filling machine produced by our company is  filling machine.   in this kind of aseptic container , it can keep origin taste and lone period life .

Manual operation

for this machine ,if we need speed up, it need 4-5 people.

The machine is composed by   manually put cardboard into boxes holder  → Bottom manual forming → Bottom heating and sealing →capping station →filling  → Top manual-forming → Top heating and sealing  →  date printer  → Finish.


specifications to meet different user needs.

cap diameter :φ26,φ28,φ30,φ36。Pls choose one size.

Regular box bottom size .70mm*70mm ,57*57mm,

95*95mm(one machine one size , just choose one size )

We suggest use the 95*95mm

Packing capacity (box / hour) 500 boxes Max

Device power 12KW

Whole machine weight 600kg

Filling capacity 1000ml

Power 380V 50Hz 3ph

Compressed air pressure greater than 8 kg / cm2

Storage capacity is more than 0.8m3,

Better prepare one air storage tank.

Dimension : 1800 mm length 1200mm width, 1600mm height

Main configuration:

  1. The main material is made from SUS 304, food grade stainless steel.
  2. Programmable controller Japan Panasonic

3, Schneider operation button

4, Pipe solenoid valve Germany FESTO

  1. Pneumatic element Taiwan AIRTAC
  2. Air Cylinder Taiwan AIRTAC

7, Photoeye Taiwan Rico