January 12, 2021
Doors and Windows Stretch Wrapping Machine YF2200ft-cs
January 12, 2021


This Coil Wrapping Machine was mainly designed for metallurgical industries,especially for metal coil,The machine could be widely used in the exterior wrapping of circular articles such as steel belt, bronze belt wire material, rubber tube, bearing, electric wire cable, tire & etc. The wrapped package is stable, tidier; moreover it has waterproof & dust proof effects. Features: Excellent collections. Well-known brands are adopted for main components.

PLC & HMI are adopted.Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown in English.Simple operation by inputing OD、ID, and width of coiled metal, other parameters will be set automatically.The turning ring is controlled by converter. Superimposed rate could be varied according to the requirement.Automatic cutter & setting devices.Package height could beadjusted for different OD.Material tension could be adjusted  automatically.

Optionals: 1、 Auto loading device.

2、 Pre-feeding device.

3、 Auto-label (outside circle) device.

一、 Introduction and Tech. Parameter

1. Machine name :Steel Coil Wrapping Machine

Article Number:GGD600

2.Tech. Parameter

Basic parameters are listed as follows, but not limited to subordinate targets。

2.1  type of construction

  • Machine in vertical structure
  • Truck loading up and down, automatic posited and cut the wrapping material.

2.2  Basic requirement.

  • PLC takes Mitsubishi brand。
  • HMI is adopted as long as input OD,ID,and width of coiled metal by touching the screen, microcomputer
  • Manual / automatic mode operation。
  • Adjust the speed by Inverter,adjust the overlap with packing material to meet the request.。
  • Easily operate,touchable input the OD, ID,Width of wrapping products,The system will adjust the parameters of the corresponding package automatically.
  • machine will keep operating reciprocating.and it is convenient, safe and reliable to Lift.
  • When meet different OD, adjust the slip-ring height.
  • Support roller which contact with coiled metal,are covered by PU.
  • Automatic posit the definite location and cut the wrapping material.
  • When meet problem, automatic alarm,and show the problem content in screen
  • The cabinet alone with the machine, improved the operation and performance.

2.3  Basic Data:

  • Coil Product made from hot-rolled or cold-rolled alloy-steel strip
  • Steel strip width(W):50~600mm
  • Steel strip external diameter (OD):800mm~1500mm
  • internal diameter(ID): 508mm
  • Weight:300~2000kg
  • Wrapping material:PE film, anti-rust paper,pv tie.

Wrapping material width:90mm

Wrapping material outer diameter:600mm

Inner diameter:55 mm

  • Circle speed:about 50 laps/min.
  • Overlap:30%~70% adjustable
  • Power :6Kw
  • Electric supply:380V,3ph, 5 lines
  • Air consumption:6~8kgf/cm2
  • Part reference:

PLC Siemens;

Touchable Screen Siemens;

Inverter , DELTA ;

Sensor: Autonics;

Code Machine , TD

Pneumatic parts: Air tec.

Motor: CPG

Switch, connection :  Schneider

2.4   Guarantee:

  1. Circle speed: max 50r/min
  2. Wrapping effect:Product surface smooth, uniform。
  3. Equipment operation time and utilization

Effective working time yearly:7200 hr。

  1. Environment protection

noise control levels: to meet the national requirements of the level of noise control

  1. Effluent Standard

Waste gas, waste water discharge up to the national emission standards will require。

Scope of Supply

1、  Supply List:

Order  Supply list quantity
1 machine  
2 Scissor plate、film seat、Track  
3 carbinet、protection  

2、 part list

Order Supply list Quantity
1 cutter 1 piece
2 Reserve pulley 2 pieces
3 Tension belt 1 piece
4 Friction Wheel 4 pieces
5 Switch 1 piece
6 Bearing 2 pieces
7 Tool set 1 set