January 26, 2021
January 26, 2021




                        Main body

Check the weight on belt conveyor

Kick away with air cylinder and one free conveyor after it .


Kick away with air cylinder and one free conveyor after it .


**Functional Characteristics

Enhanced machine frame in stainless steel;

Complete machine with  waterproof design;

Adopts German HBM high-precision sensor;

Based on the most advanced high-speed digital signal processing technology, realizing high-speed and stable. 

Dynamic weight with automatic compensation technology;

Automatic zero analysis and tracking technology;

50 groups of products preset

Simple Operation in editing and storage;

Quick switch to fit different weights  and automatic adjustment corresponding product sorting speed;

Convenient USB detection data and saving function (optional) ;

Color LED touch operating system, multi-language operation interface, easy operation ;

Optional scanning system and automatic coding machine as extra.


  • principle

The product come to weigh checking range from in-feeding conveyor in order.

When the product pass to ahead photo eye of weigh checking system,the check weight-er start measure the weight.


When the product passes through the measure conveyor belt, the weight sensor completes the metering work of the product and displays the metering data to the operation department.

The microcomputer compares the measurement data with the preset reference value, upper limit value and lower limit value, and identifies the authentic, overweight, and underweight products. The non-authentic products are finally selected by the sorting part, and the information of various measurement operations can be output to the statistical printer.




  1. The machines are Used for weight detection on packing line or logistic conveyor, upper and lower limit of product identification or weight sorting on various automatic assembly lines and logistics transportation systems;

2.They are widely used for pharmaceutical, food, toy, hardware and daily chemical industries;

  1. It can replace manual weighing and improve production efficiency and consistency and reliability of weighing.

Technical Parameter

Check weight range 10g-30kg
conveying speed (m/min) 5-50m
Maximum speed (packs/minute) 62 packs
Standard precision ±10g
Conveyor width 600mm
Kick away Alarm and stop
Product preset mode 50 groups
 power supply 220V50HZ,1ph
Power 200w
An external gas source /
Air interface 8mm
Reserved interface (optional) /
Protection grade Comply with ip-30 (PB) international standard
Machine weight 95kg
Conveyor  height 630±50mm can be specialized




Machine layout

Interface operation 

Multi- language inside screen, we do have chinese, english, thailand, vietnam language ,and so on.


Electric parts

Description name QTY brand
  control panel 1  10-inch Wenview screen
  motor 2 Taiwan Delbong
  inverter 1 Japan’s mitsubishi
Program controller PLC 1 Japan’s mitsubishi
 belt 1 Haberst, Switzerland
Pneumatic components 1 SET Adecker Taiwan
 sensor 2 German HBM
Photoelectric switch 1 omron
Air switch 1 Japan’s mitsubishi
relay 2 omron