Coil Wrapping Machine HL1000
January 12, 2021
January 12, 2021

Coil Wrapping Machine


Wrapping procedure introduction:



With small-volume packing tape which diameter Ø300mm mm, width 90mm, adopts punching hole & stretch wrapping method, turning ring fitted at each film and packaging material planes,serial rotation with the ring .

  1. Operator works according to the size of the coil sizes, align the height of swivel wall respectively (in feeding coil accessible through the hole prevail) and the width of guiding roller(the upper and lower three groups).
  2. Place the naked steel coil on the package between the support rollers which covered by PU.
  3. At first pressing the foot switch, the central support roller come down
  4. Make stretch film to catch the edge of copper coils, then press foot switch twice , aluminum ring of double planes begins to rotate, and then guiding roller driven bring the naked coil tangential rotation, after 360 °, the foot switch. Aluminum ring set,guiding roller stopped.
  5. Then Across wrapping paper or a woven cloth to catch the edge of the coil, ibid third pressing foot switch, double aluminum ring spin again, and then once again driven roller copper coil tangential rotation, while security is not peripheral paste rubber gum (according to the customer separate case) 360 ° after the fourth ring aluminum foot pedal stops. Copper coil sub-60 ° after the support rollers stopped, self-adhesive circumferential completed.


  1. A host, completely wrapping with film and packaging tape or woven secondary packaging respectively,after 780 °rotation the completion of double-layer wrapping, on the film long enough, but the wrapping roll exchange is relatively frequent.


 wrapping range instruction:

  1. wire coil OD(ED) Range :500-900 mm
  2. wire coil ID Range:400-700mm
  3. wire coil width range: 50mm-100mm
  4. wire coil Max. weight:100 KG

5.wrapping material:W70-90mm woven cloth/paper,

External diameter 200mm,

Inner core 76.2mm

And W90MM PE Film,E.D 200MM Inner core76.2 mm。

6.wrapping speed(E.Circumference):4000mm/Min。

Superimposed rate & tighten rate could be Varied from 25%-50%

7.Double layer wrapping in use,the 2 materials may packing at the same time, but the out surface of coil is no good look, we advise user one material by one material if use two wrapping materials。

8.0 Group loading support roller,which contact with coiled metal,covered with PU.

9.0 Group guiding rollers (the upper and lower three groups) adjustable  。

  • Host frame lifting plateform is movable, the bottom of the host frame adopts Japan THK rail tracks, guide box. Transmission between support rollers with pneumatic lifting device supporting the coil and feed-in and out
  • Main electric part refer:
Order Name  Origin national  Brand Quantity  remark
1 Inverter China-Taiwan Aimerxin 2  
2 Ring motor China Speed 2 0.75kw/ station
 3 Roller motor China ZhongDa 1 0.4kw/ station
4 Lift motor China Tiger Wei 1 0.55kw/ station
5 Contactor France Schneider 4  
6 Positioning drive wheel China Factory standard 7 High resistant polyurethane
7 Rotate Ring material China Factory standard 1 High strength aluminum alloy


Optional control panel and foot switch control.

  • Power:5kw, AC 3 phase 380V 60HZ。
  • Resource of air consumption:about 9KG。

13.Machine weight:400KG.

14.Machine dimension:L1430xW1600xH2200mm  + cabinet 。

15.if use one material, 60-80pcs/hr.

16.Machine operation panel will both written in English




  1. One-year quality warrantee.

2.The machine should be intalled strictly according to the instruction after arrival




Quotation For Wrapping Machine



Coil Wrapping Machine   $6600.00 1set $6600.00
  Total Amount      6600.00

Say the total amount of wrapping machine is six thousand six hundred US dollar only.

Down payment 30% at least .
Validity of the quotation: 15 Days
Packaging: Wooden package
Terms of payment: TT
Sample time: No Offer
Production time of the order: 30 Working Days (it doesn’t include holiday) after TT downpayment
Shipping time: In 7 days after buyer inspected the machine

Payment Schedule :

1.30% of the total Contract value by TT pay as down payment 70% before shipping,

  1. The Buyer will inspect these machines on the Seller factory before shipment. The expenditure of inspector will be paid by the Buyer.
  2. All the bank charge is on buyer’s account.

Warranty period

It is 12 months since the using of date. This warranty expires if the customer or third party carries out inappropriate modification or un justify repair works.

Technical Training

The technical training of the personnel of Buyer shall be carried out in the factory of the Seller free by the Seller, assuring the personnel of the Buyer can operate the equipment skillfully and do the daily maintenance as well as solve simple malfunctions. During the technical training period, the Buyer shall bear the expenses and cost of traveling, boarding, salary etc. of the technical persons of the Buyer.


The buyer should install the machine by themselves, the Seller also can arrange some technicians for the commissioning work., well the costs will be borne by the Buyer which includes round-trip airfare, food, hotel accommodation, transport and allowance of USD 150.00 per person per day starting from the date of arrival of the technicians at buyer’s factory to the date of completion of the commissioning of the machine.