Coil Strapping Machine
January 12, 2021
Coil Wrapping Machine HL1000
January 12, 2021

Coil Wrapping HL 1200

Wrapping procedure introduction:


Coil wrapping machine , which is used to wrap or pack the coil and hose, by running the ring circle , and the tape (stretch film ) wrapped onto coil or hose .

With small-volume packing tape which diameter Ø200mm mm, width 90-100mm  adopts punching hole & stretch wrapping method.


1. Operator works according to the size of the coil sizes, align the  height of swivel wall respectively (in feeding coil accessible through the hole prevail) and the width of guiding roller(the upper and lower three groups).

  1. Place the naked steel coil on the package between the support rollers which covered by PU.
  2. At first pressing the foot switch, the central support roller come down
  3. Make stretch film to catch the edge of copper coils, then press foot switch twice , aluminum ring of double planes begins to rotate, and then guiding roller driven bring the naked coil tangential rotation, after 360 °, the foot switch. Aluminum ring set,guiding roller stopped.
  4. Then Across wrapping paper or a woven cloth to catch the edge of the coil, ibid third pressing foot switch, double aluminum ring spin again, and then once again driven roller copper coil tangential rotation, while security is not peripheral paste rubber gum (according to the customer separate case) 360 ° after the fourth ring aluminum foot pedal stops. Copper coil sub-60 ° after the support rollers stopped, self-adhesive circumferential completed.


  1. A host, completely wrapping with film and packaging tape or woven secondary packaging respectively,after 780 °rotation the completion of double-layer wrapping, on the film long enough, but the wrapping roll exchange is relatively frequent.


 wrapping range instruction:

  1. wire coil OD(ED) Range :400-900 mm
  2. wire coil ID Range:300-650mm
  3. wire coil width range: 50-220mm
  4. wire coil Max. weight:50KG

5.wrapping material:W90mm woven cloth/paper,E.D 200MM,Inner core 50mm

And W90MM PE Film,E.D 200MM Inner core 50mm。

6.wrapping speed(E.Circumference):5400mm/Min。

Superimposed rate & tighten rate could be Varied from 25%-50%

7.Double layer wrapping in use,the 2 materials may packing at the same time, but the out surface of coil is no good look, we advise user one material by one material if use two wrapping materials。

8.1 Group loading support roller,which contact with coiled metal,covered with PU.

  1. 3 Group guiding rollers (the upper and lower three groups) adjustable 。
  • Host frame lifting plateform is movable, the bottom of the host frame adopts Japan THK rail tracks, guide box. Transmission between support rollers with pneumatic lifting device supporting the coil and feed-in and out
  • Main electric part refer:

The machine adopts the Mitsubishi PLC Controller.

Turning ring is controlled by Mitsubishi invert.

Other control parts takes from SCHNEIDER

Multi self-protection device in case the motor run out by overloading.

Optional control panel and foot switch control.

  • Power:5kw, AC 3 phase/440V-220V60HZ。
  • Resource of air consumption:about 9KG。

13.Machine weighth:900KG.

14.Machine dimension:L830xW1300xH1850mm。

15.if use one material, 170 pcs/hr. If user packs the coil with 2 material, 80pcs per hr.

16.Machine operation panel will both written in English/Chinese



  1. One-year quality warrantee.

2.The machine should be intalled strictly according to the instruction after arrival





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