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January 8, 2021
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January 8, 2021

Case Erector Sealing Machine Labeling Machine Pallet Wrapping Machine


 The machines in the picture include case erector, case sealing machine, metal detector, and labeling machine for cartons .

1.Case Erector

Equipment Specification



Machine working flow:


machine 1:  8-12 carton per min.

Above is the picture of carton erector system. Manually pack into cartons or machine pack it automatically..


1.The machine works very consistency under catching carton— moulding—- bottom sealing is convenience and swift in operation ,For different specification of the carton, we can adjust the Handle to make sure it works suitable and efficiency

3.Available for all kinds of soft  and hard carton

Technical Parameter

 Case erector Machine Dimension 1 .2000mm×1500mm×1650mm
Carton Size : machine adjustable to fit this two sizes
Table Height 620±50mm
Working Speed 8-10 ctns/minute,
Power 220 v , 1 Phase, 50/60 Hz  Specified
Pneumatic 5-6kg / C㎡ 150 NL/Min
Tape Width, only choose one size 48mm,50mm,55mm,60,mm,
Weight 400kg


It is free roller conveyor,  conveyor width 550mm ,

height 620+-50mm

conveyor length 3 meter ,=3000mm per set


if you need more length , just take 2 or 3 meter between carton erector and carton sealing machine. If you need more people to packing the goods into cartons, Or you need more carton to be on the free conveyor ,just put more free roller.

Automatic flaps folding carton sealer YK05

Free conveyor extra cost

Automatic top flaps folder,and tapping the bottom and top side at the same time , Tape width 48 -60mm, just choose one size in width.

 just chose 50mm as your sample carton .——————- machine video

manually put the product in to carton the fold the top flaps

push the carton to carton sealing machine, and machine will tape the top and bottom.

After carton sealing machine , manually take it away from free conveyor . free conveyor you can take it as option


1 Imported parts, electrical and pneumatic components ,Adopts photo electricity induction control system

2 Manually adjust the height and the width for different size of cartons;

3 Advanced pneumatic control system compare with the complicated electrical control system

4 Fold the top covers automatically, side belts driven top and bottom sealing,and for cartons four sides and corners tapping, Automatic 90°cartons turning and pushing system

5 Cutter Safety system to prevent hands form stabbed by the cutter

6.different carton size we have to adjust the machine to fit the carton size.

7 Cutter Safety system to prevent hands form stabbed by the cutter

8 Heavy duty built, both steel and stainless steel types

9 Combined with other YK Series carton sealer to perform carton sealing line

  1. Both steel and stainless steel types
Packing speed 600-720 pcs/hour
Max. Packing size L600×W500×H500mm
Min. Packing size L200×W150×H150mm
Power supply  220-240, 50/60Hz, 1Phase (110v  380v specialized)
Power 400W
Applicable tape 48mm, 60mm, 70 mm (Choose one type)
Machine size L1770×W850×H1520mm
Machine weight 250kg
Packing speed 600-700pcs/hour
Max. Packing size L600×W600×H500mm
Min. Packing size L200×W200×H150mm
Power supply  220-240, 50/60Hz,3Phase  specialized
Power 400W
Applicable tape 48mm, 60mm, 70 mm (Choose one type)
Machine size L1770×W850×H1520mm
Machine weight 250kg


1 Motor V.T.V Motor

2 Cylinder: Shrko

3 Pneumatic part: Shrko

4 Cutter Japan   SK-2

5 Sensor: Omron

Labeling stick applicator

YK- 650  Carton Sides Labeling Machine

Due to our carton packing speed it is not fast, so, we suggest this model to you. We will make the conveyor width about 550mm width to suitable for our carton .

One machine suitable for two carton sizes. But we need small adjust when we meet two sizes cartons.

The machine will use with belt conveyor, not chains.

Main Parts List

No      Name         Specification     Manufacture
1 Standard Motor 85BYGH350L LEISAI
2 Labeling Motor Drives  WZM-3H090MS LEISAI
3 Labeling Electric eye FS-18N JAPAN KEYENCE
4 Labeling Check Electric eye LRD2100 AMERICA LION BRAND





  1. This equipment is dedicated to bilateral lateral labeling.
  2. The power supply label type synchronous tension control, supply stability, fast, to ensure that it send the labeling accuracy and speed .
  3. Brush pressure standard, in order to make the tag attached more solid.
  4. Label synchronous positioning, label position error of plus or minus 1.5 mm.
  5. Touch human-machine interface, any abnormal man-machine display and troubleshooting. Operation is simple, anyone can operate easily with using this equipment.
  6. Label by length, photoelectric with microcomputer automatic stripping distance calculations, do not need to adjust the photoelectric position, the length of any tag man-machine interface can be modified, easy to use.


Technical Parameter

Voltage specification: AC220V 50/60 HZ

Power consumption: 0.8 KW

Labeling speed: 10-12 cartons /min MAX

Labeling accuracy: plus or minus 1.5 mm

Applicable scope of the Carton: L:200mm-500 W:150mm -400mm H 150-350mm

Applicable scope of label: 11*11, 7.62*7.62cm

Machine Size:2800mmX1000mmX1275mm

Biggest label supply: 300 mm diameter, paper roll diameter 76 mm(Can change as your request)

Label pitch: 3-4 mm + / – 0.2 mm

Below on the label and the bottom paper spacing below: 2 mm

Bottom paper: to choose 62 grams of white gration bottom paper, paper density and has very good internal strength and light transmittance, solid and not easily torn. Die cutting performance is wonderful.

Stick Basic gram weight: 62 g / ㎡ plus or minus 5% ㎡ thickness: 55 u m + / – 5%

Tensile strength: machine direction: 16 kg / 25 mm

Cross to: 7 kg / 25 mm

Tear resistance: machine direction: 25 g/sheet  Cross to: 31 grams/sheet

Through the brightness: 52%




MODEL YK1650F                ramp 200 usd

PALLET SIZE L500-1200mm*W500-1200mm*H500-2500mm
LOAD Ability 100-1500KG
Stretch System 100-250%
Turntable Speed 0-12rpm
Packing Efficiency 15-30 PalletS/hr
Power Supply 1.35KW,220V, 50/60HZ, 1 ph ,
Machine Dimension 2750*1650*2350mm
Machine Weight 500kg
Extra option ramp, top plate, film cut, height, scale
Film in use with this machine
Packing Material  LLD PE, STRETCH FILM
Film width 500mm
Thickness 0.035mm~0.050mm, 17-35 µm
 Max. weight of film roll   15 kg
Wrapping Material Core dia.76mm
Max roller diameter 220mm max.


Control System

–   Screen & PLC Programmable Logic Controller
– Separate Carriage Up-Down Speed Control
– Auto-Height Load Height Sensing
– Electronic Film Tension Control
– Conveyor Jog (for each conveyor)
– Additional Controls may be required

Table Drive &Support
– 0-12 RPM Variable Table Speed

– Adjustable Soft-Start Soft Stop
– Table Fully fenced for Greater Personnel Safety

Film Delivery System
– Powered pre-stretch system up to 200% to min film consumption
– Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film
– Film delivery variable speed by separate AC Drive Motor
– Film dancer-bar with variable speed output
– Pre stretch Rate Set to Customers Requirements (200% Std)

Better prepare the roller and wheels for our machine,

they are easy broken parts which is not in warrantee


For this kind of pallet turntable wrapping machine, we do have two operation for your refer.

Screen control operation shows classical, but operation panel never break down.


Main parts & original

²   PLC                      DELTA                             (TAIWAN)

²   INVERTER                DELTA                            (TAIWAN)

²   RELAY                  OMRON                           (JAPAN)

²   AC CONNECTOR        SCHNEIDER                        (FRANCE)

²   URGENT STOP          YM                                 (TAIWAN)

²   PROCESS SWITCH       SCHNEIDER                        (FRANCE)

²   PHOTOELECTRIC SWITCH    OMRON                        (JAPAN)

²   APPROACH SWITCH          OMRON                       (JAPAN)

²   Reduction with gear box      CPG                      (CHINA)


²   AC MOTOR                                                (CHINA)

²   CONNECTION END              PHOENIX                    (GERMANY)





Scale : with english bill printing system,bottom of it .

it will be in english language .

Size 1500*1500mm, 0-2000kg

Loading cell sensor


Our machines are Widely used in world wide.


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