Bag Packing System of Paper napkin and Paper Roll
January 8, 2021
Case Packer Sealer
January 8, 2021

Carton Open Case Packer Case Sealing 3 In 1 Packing System


  • It is used for open the carton, form the carton , pack the goods inside carton, and tape sealing the carton.


  • Modularized design and easy assembling;
  • Machine it is quite long design.

Customize carton size

115.57 14.605 14.605
90.17 12.7 12.7
96.52 25.4 25.4
99.06 17.78 17.78
124.46 19.685 19.685






Machine detail

  1. Italy technology and some imported parts such as electrical components and pneumatic components.most mechanical parts made by ourselves.


2, The whole machine adopts cam continuous system, and the machine runs accurately, stably and endurably.


  1. Conveyor running variable speed adjustable.


4, Simple operation, easy adjustment, no damage to carton doubt.


  1. Carton storage is horizontal and can be filled with empty cartons at any time without stopping.


6, Automatic magazine position warning reminding operator to place on the carton magazine.


  1. It can be operated on a single machine, and can also be used in automatic packaging line.



Speed Ability to pack the box 6-15  cartons/min
Carton temporary storage 70-80pcs
Carton Size
Use of electricity 2KW(AC380V.3φ)
Necessary air pressure 4~5kg/cm2
Air consumption 450NL/min
Mechanical size 6780L*2250W*1840H
Mechanical weight 3000kgs
Adhesive tape size 48 mm  – 60mm





↑   SCEEN                      `          MCGS                  (CHINA)

↑   PLC                      `              DELTA                (TAIWAN)

↑   Inverter                                 DELTA                 (TAIWAN)

↑   AC CONNECTOR                        SCHNEIDER               (FRANCE)

↑   PROCESS SWITCH                 `    SCHNEIDER               (FRANCE)

↑   PHOTOELECTRIC SWITCH                  B+F                 (GERMANY)

↑   APPROACH SWITCH                     YANGMING               (CHINA)

↑   REDUCTION WITH GEAR BOX              CPG                   (TAIWAN)

↑   MOTOR WITH REDUCTION GEAR BOX       CPG                      (TAIWAN)

↑   Pneumatic parts                          air tech                Taiwan